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Powerful performance-based learning and development, best-in-class content and coaching tools

Learning and development is no longer just a once-in-a-while activity. It’s become a business-critical priority for increasing skills, staying competitive and improving employee engagement.

Employees expect their organizations to invest in their development and provide them with the skills they need to succeed. Without a commitment to developing their employees, companies risk losing key talent and not having the skills they need to compete.

Halogen’s learning and development solution gives you everything you need to develop a highly skilled and engaged workforce. It’s a high-impact learning solution that connects on-the-job learning, continuous coaching and formal learning activities directly to your business strategy.

  • Create a culture of ongoing learning and development where learning is integrated into daily work
  • Empower managers with tools to be more effective coaches
  • Transform learning from an administrative to a strategic function
  • Link learning activities and learning paths with competencies and measure impact
  • Engage employees by giving them responsibility and accountability for career development

Learning Learning

Drive individual and organizational performance

Develop smart learning paths for employees and link learning directly to competencies to improve individual, team and organizational performance. Assign relevant, high-impact learning and development activities based on gaps identified as part of the performance management process, or in support of career progression and talent pools.

Goal 1

Create a strong learning culture

Use a combination of on-the-job learning, coaching and feedback, and a variety of formal learning activities and content to create a strong learning culture that supports continuous improvement, innovation and long-term success.

Through our learning partnerships, you can access best-in-class courseware that meets a variety of skill development topics, and addresses a wide range of learning styles and preferences.

Goal 1

Reduce administration and ensure compliance

Manage all your learning and development assets conveniently from one central location. Catalogue, schedule, and track all types of learning activities, including classroom, online, blended learning, and more. Then, easily administer registrations, withdrawals, waiting lists, cancellations, bulk enrollments and instructor assignments. You can also report on training hours, course progress, course completion, scores — and more.

Ensure you’re in compliance! Proactively track certification and license expiry dates, record continuing education and professional credits, report on credits earned, and automatically notify managers and employees of upcoming expirations.

Goal 1

Showcase learning impact on business results

In one seamless system, analyze competency and performance gaps and create targeted training programs to address them. View consolidated employee development plans and related training activities and track progress. Then, confidently demonstrate the impact and ROI of your learning and development programs on performance, by tracking performance improvements at the individual, team, and organizational levels in the same reporting framework.

Goal 1


Align learning initiatives with your talent management strategy

With Halogen, learning is seamlessly linked to solutions for performance management, recruiting and onboarding, as well as succession and leadership, helping you create a top performing workforce that drives higher returns and offers a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Award-winning capabilities


Expert services

Continuous Advancement Services

  • Setting you up for success
  • Working alongside you to help you maximize your investment and meet your talent management goals

Business Consulting Services

  • Practical performance management training for managers
  • Proven competency modelling
  • Skills matrix development
  • DDI card sort analysis and more…

Best-in-class content and resources

Unmatched resources and tools included with all solutions

  • Feedback Central
  • Intelligent org charts
  • Talent profiles
  • Employee lifecycle forms and process workflows
  • Pre-built, industry-specific competency libraries
  • Job description templates
  • Manager comment helpers and conversation starters
  • Built-in coaching and development tips

World renowned content

  • Award-winning learning bundles from experts like Skillsoft, ej4, Cegos, Vado and 360training
  • DDI Learning Library and Job aids
  • DDI Competency Framework
  • Lominger Leadership Architect® Competency Library

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"A stronger understanding of where training programs are required."

“Halogen provides us with actionable intelligence that we just didn't have before, including greater insight into skills gaps and a stronger understanding of where training programs are required. It helps us to focus our resources and measure performance results from them in the long run — this is invaluable in the board room.”

David Hofstetter, Manager, New England Organ Bank



"A learning and development solution that engages employees."

“Performance management and training are top priorities for EMQ FamiliesFirst, to support both regulatory and employee development requirements. Halogen’s learning and development solution allows employees to be more engaged in the process, and see how the alignment of their individual performance and development to organizational goals positively impacts their clients."

Sheryl Dagang, Manager of Learning and Development, EMQ FamiliesFirst



"Alleviates information overload and improves employee engagement."

“The wonderful thing about Halogen's e-learning courses is that you can view them at your own pace in a phased approach so that what you learn can be applied at the time you need it. This alleviates information overload for employees and, as a result, improves employee engagement.”

Valerie Tolhurst, Human Resources Manager, Brundage Management Company, Inc.

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