Give your workforce the tools they need to be high performers and great leaders

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What’s the best way to accelerate employee and leader development to drive better business results? With Halogen Accelerator™ ‒ an exclusive offering from Halogen Software and Development Dimensions International (DDI).

Halogen Accelerator is DDI’s best-in-class competency framework and world-renowned library of leadership learning experiences, seamlessly integrated with Halogen’s TalentSpace™ suite, giving employees what they need to succeed now and in the future. What’s more, our team of dedicated experts will guide you every step of the way.

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Offer employees and leaders world-class training, tools, and words to be great coaches

Engage employees and ensure they feel valued

Give everyone across the company access to relevant, practical training that drives behavioral change. Engage employees by offering them world-class training and giving their leaders the training, tools, and words to be great coaches, give effective feedback, and build a high-performance culture.

Transform how you acquire, promote and develop people

Offer a common, company-wide language and framework for discussing and developing talent that’s aligned with business priorities and talent processes. Identify and communicate the key competencies your company needs to be successful and to help employees understand how their role relates to key business drivers.

Measure impact of development initiatives

Use competencies to link your talent management processes to your business objectives and then track results. Measure changes in competency scores and view consolidated, detailed information on development plans and related training activities. Analyze competency gaps, identify succession needs and create targeted training programs to address them.

Halogen Accelerator module accelerates and simplifies development planning

Accelerate and simplify development planning

Give managers and employees the power to quickly design development plans. It’s easy when you can select from and customize more than 4,000 industry-proven development activities aimed at improving specific competencies. Plus, enjoy access to world-class courses relevant to each individual's stage in their career development.

Help employees get where they want to go

Provide employees with precise descriptions of behaviors and actions required at different levels within the organization. Equip managers and employees alike with level-appropriate, valuable and practical suggestions for development activities and coaching tips.

Save money and effort

Create effective development plans quickly and simply with clearly defined competencies, accurate competency assessments, practical development activities and best-in-class training. Tap into all of this value at a fraction of the cost of traditional delivery.

A win for everyone in the organisation

HR Pros

  • Align HR programs for recruiting by evaluating and developing critical competencies to strategic priorities
  • Confidently report and analyze current workforce skills and develop action plans to address gaps


  • Leverage the strength of team members to plan more effective work distribution
  • Attract the right talent by consistently identifying competencies on job descriptions, requisitions and during hiring
  • Provide focused skill development and onboard new hires faster


  • Gain greater clarity by understanding what’s required to succeed in a role
  • Get the learning and training needed to become higher performers and great leaders

C-Level Executives

  • See accelerated business results by linking key competencies to organizational business drivers
  • Make strategic planning more effective based on organizational strengths and weaknesses