The Power of Stay Interviews for Employee Engagement & Retention

The Power of Stay Interviews for Employee Engagement & Retention

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At first glance, Stay Interviews seem way too simple. Can managers really keep employees longer just by asking how they can help?

The answer is “yes”, and research tells us Stay Interviews cut turnover rates by 20% and more. In fact, Stay Interviews offer retention and engagement solutions that cannot be achieved with employee surveys or exit surveys because stay interviews are conducted one-on-one, put managers in the solution seat and provide focus on top performers.

Join Dick Finnegan, author of The Power of Stay Interviews for Engagement and Retention, to learn:

  • Why managers are the linchpins to employee engagement and retention
  • How to report on the value of engagement and retention in dollars and cents
  • Specific Stay Interview techniques including questions to ask, data to record, and potential solutions
  • The four required skills leaders must learn to make their Stay Interviews successful
  • A tool to forecast employee turnover based on Stay Interview results

If you’ve been curious about Stay Interviews, but aren’t sure how to make them a reality at your company, you won’t want to miss this practical and highly informative webinar.

About Dick Fennegan
Dick Finnegan is CEO of C-Suite Analytics and also the author of four top-selling books including The Power of Stay Interviews, and also The Stay Interview which is being published in twenty languages and an audio book.

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