Learning and Development: A Precursor to Enhanced Engagement and Performance

Learning and Development: A Precursor to Enhanced Engagement and Performance

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Hiring new employees is not the end of the story; it's the beginning. Just as technology, markets, and key competitors change, so must the workforce.

Step one, beyond the obvious commitment to intelligent onboarding, must be a long-term commitment employing and targeting the right learning and development needs that create opportunities for employees as they grow. In other words, employers must provide employees with a path forward to see their careers evolve within the organization. This commitment to creating better and more capable employees who can support changing and increasingly complex organizational objectives is a big win for all concerned. As a result, performance-focused learning can link continuous learning with coaching in ways that will create higher levels of employee engagement and performance.

This webinar will outline some key data relating to Best-in-Class organizations and their learning management practices, including:

  • How performance-focused learning can improve engagement and performance
  • How HR leadership can align learning with overall organizational goals
  • How to utilize learning as a strategic imperative that supports the overall efficacy, capabilities, and ROI of the workforce.

About Howard Adasmky
Howard is a Senior Research Analyst in Aberdeen Group's Human Capital Management (HCM) practice. Howard’s research focuses on what Best-in-Class organizational strategies are being utilized for HCM. This includes on-boarding, talent development, vendor/software selection, workforce management strategies, and employee development and succession planning. His real world experience stems from over twenty years on the front line, supporting HR and talent management leaders as they struggle with emerging technologies, workforce retention, and the pressures of increasing globalization.

About Anita Bowness
As a Solutions Consultant with Halogen Software, Anita draws upon her 20 years of  HR and consulting experience in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, organizational development, competency mapping and change management. Her consulting experience has spanned many sectors, including IT, government, defense, retail, telecommunications, healthcare, education, logistics and professional services. Anita holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in HRM from the University of Ottawa, and a Master’s in HRM from the University of Leeds.

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