Driving employee engagement in manufacturing

Driving employee engagement in manufacturing

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Join Gerry Ledford and Sandi Mauro in this informative webcast for manufacturing organizations that introduces a performance-driven engagement strategy that increases both engagement AND performance. The strategy is built around seven levers that increase engagement by making employees more successful and enhancing employee performance.

The lead speaker, Gerry Ledford, is a former academic researcher and long-time consultant with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. In an entertaining way, Gerry will argue that the wrong conclusions are being drawn from most engagement studies. He claims that current engagement literature lacks an understanding of employee motivation. Without understanding motivation, engagement advocates simply reiterate the old (and incorrect!) thesis that "a happy worker is a productive worker."

Sandi Mauro, Senior Manager Human Resources at FuelCell Energy, will discuss their engagement strategy that comprises of performance management, rewards and recognition, and growth and development. She will address how employee engagement at FuelCell Energy has impacted organizational performance.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How motivation is the missing concept in engagement
  • How to get high performance and engagement
  • The Seven Levers for Engagement
  • The Performance-Driven Engagement (PDE) Model
  • What makes a good performance-based engagement strategy?
  • How FuelCell Energy addresses employee engagement

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