Does your leadership behavior drive your organizational performance?

Does your leadership behavior drive your organizational performance?

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A fundamental duty of any leader is the attraction and development of organizational talent. Leaders are tasked with identifying talent, aligning it with the organization’s requirements, and nurturing it to achieve optimal results. Individual leader behavior is difficult to predict but can have a significant impact on organizational performance. Organizations that flourish are those whose leaders understand that performance is a function of both technical skill and behaviors. These leaders understand the importance of influential leadership — the ability to recognize why people are doing what they are doing and encourage behaviors that drive performance. In this webinar, Michael Frisina, author of Influential Leadership, explores influential leadership and how it can be used to improve the performance of your leaders, your people and your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • The link between behavior and performance
  • The three essential domains of influential leadership
  • How leaders can strengthen their ability to influence others, help staff successfully work through change, and guide operational improvements
  • Strategies to intentionally and purposefully apply key behaviors that can drive organizational performance
  • How talent management technology can support influential leadership.