HR's 5 most important roles in managing talent — Cathy Missildine

HR's 5 most important roles in managing talent — Cathy Missildine

For Cathy, this is a wonderful time to be in HR. She thinks we have a huge opportunity to be “HR rock stars” and shares how she thinks we need to evolve.

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Experienced HR professional and consultant Cathy Missildine sees HR entering an exciting new phase: business-driven HR, where as an HR professional, you’re a business person first and an HR person second. In this new phase, HR is the keeper of the organization’s intellectual capital, affecting change, affecting the bottom line, and affecting business outcomes. To rise to the challenge, Cathy says we need to play 5 critical roles in our organizations.


Learn how HR can play a critical role in not just supporting the organization’s strategy, but aligning the entire organization to achieve it.

Performance manager

Just as vitally, we need to make sure that our performance management systems are dusted off, updated and measuring what they are supposed to be measuring, so we motivate and support high performance.

Goal cascader

We need to take the organization’s big goals and break them down into smaller goals, so that the employee on the front line knows what they do every day and how it impacts the major goals — that’s where the hard work is.

Talent manager

This means hiring the best, fostering internal mobility, ensuring succession, engaging employees and fostering innovation.

Metrics guru

Cathy explores the need to shift from efficiency tracking metrics to more analytical strategic metrics that truly support effective business decisions.

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