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When it comes to visualizing your organization’s workforce, the organizational chart is still one of, if not the most popular tool available to HR professionals. This can be especially true when communicating high level HR strategy and recommendations with company executives. However, while org charts provide a great visual, they typically lack the depth of information necessary to support or show the reasoning behind a specific HR initiative, nor do they provide enough detail for to support an informed discussion about HR and talent programs with C-Level executives.

The ideal org chart template combines the visual benefits of org charts, with key talent management indicators that matter to the business: goal performance, high and low performers (based on employee appraisal results), as well as succession planning information that impact organizational movement, all into one integrated presentation to support a quarterly business review for HR. This enhanced org chart template should facilitate deeper understanding of the HR department’s connection to business strategy, and allow for more meaningful exchange of ideas between the c-level in and HR.

To help you achieve better results with your organizational chart presentations, we’ve gone beyond conventional templates to create an integrated org chart template that incorporates high level performance metrics and succession planning status into in a simple, easy to use PowerPoint format for your HR business reviews with the executive team.

Looking to take your organization chart even further? The Halogen TalentSpace suite includes a built-in dynamic org chart called Talent View, which is always up to date and uses the data from all of Halogen’s talent management modules to give you an at a glance view of both your organizational structure, and your organizational health, to help support more informed talent and business decisions. Read more here.

Discover the advantages of a performance-based integrated organizational chart:

  • Visually display top and lower performers
  • Identify organizational succession gaps
  • Illustrate the connection between succession planning, employee performance and HR strategy
  • Flexible, easy to update PowerPoint format

Take your strategic HR presentations further, download our integrated org chart template.

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