Employee evaluation forms

What makes an effective evaluation form?

The best employee evaluations forms contribute directly to the success of your performance management process. A poorly designed performance appraisal form can frustrate and disengage managers and employees from the process — which defeats the whole purpose.

A well-designed performance appraisal form does exactly the opposite; it simplifies the process for managers and employees, and provides HR and executives with the information they need to make strategic talent decisions. 

What makes a performance evaluation form great?

To be effective, evaluation forms for employees must:

  • Include clear information and instructions
  • Guide managers and employees on what they need to provide
  • Flow logically from past performance to development needs, goals and aspirations
  • Illustrate the various levels of competency demonstration

Keys to success

We’ve collected resources, including how-to articles, forms and templates, case studies and blog posts to help you create simple employee evaluation forms that help executives and HR make strategic decisions about learning and development, goal-setting and succession.


It’s no secret that many managers and employees dread the evaluation process. Now you can make the process easier for everyone by designing a performance appraisal form that’s clear, simple-to-use and used consistently across your organization. By transforming your forms, managers and employees will become more engaged in the process and derive more value from it.

Choosing the right method to assess and rate competencies in your organization

When designing your performance evaluation form templates, it’s important to consider "how" you want managers to assess and rate competencies. Learn about the various approaches and their unique benefits so you can decide which works best for your organization. We’ve also included a case study on an organization who used Halogen Performance™ to gather insights into employee performance and development.

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Using weighting to prioritize competencies and goals

Learn how you can communicate the relative importance of competencies and goals to employees by assigning them weights on your employee evaluation forms. We’ll help you determine what level to assign weights, prioritize weighting for different roles and individuals, and even point out some common challenges (and how to overcome them).

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Writing SMART goals

SMART (Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound) goals are generally recognized as being a goal management best practice. Learn how you can encourage and support managers and employees in writing SMART goals with the right employee evaluation form template design. We’ve also included a few examples to help get you started.

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How to write a great performance review in 10 steps

Not sure what to say in your employees’ performance reviews? In this blog post, we outline 10 steps you need to take to write a performance review that will help strengthen your relationship with your employees, and help them succeed. And managers, these tips aren’t just about you: It’s just as important to ensure your employees do a self-appraisal, and to get performance feedback from others. We’ve also included links to appraisal processes checklists for HR, mangers and employees!

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How to ensure consistency in employee performance appraisals

Evaluating employee performance can be a very subjective process, making it a challenge to have fair, consistent performance appraisals across your organization. This how-to includes tips on how to evaluate competencies, gather multirater feedback, and review process metrics in order to identify inconsistencies and improve your performance evaluations.

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There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel when it comes to employee evaluation forms. Check out our resources below for free templates, sample forms and best-practice tips to help you create and refine your employee evaluation forms.

Employee evaluation form templates

When we say we want to streamline your performance assessment process, we really mean it! Check out samples of some employee evaluation form templates our customers have created, which show the flexibility of what you can do in Halogen Performance. These free downloads can inspire your own layouts, phrases or comments.

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Sample 360 degree feedback forms

Gathering 360 degree feedback on an employee can be a great way to get a broader perspective on their performance, development needs and potential. Here are some sample 360 degree feedback forms to help inspire you, or guide you in designing your own forms. We’ve got examples of appraisal forms for hourly workers, 30/60/90 day reviews, and more.

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How to create best-practice employee evaluation forms

What makes a great performance evaluation form? It’s easy to use, has a clear focus, and promotes dialogue and development. It’s also critical that everyone at your organization uses a consistent, descriptive rating scale. This how-to outlines how to build employee evaluation forms that will engage both managers and employees in the evaluation process.

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Tips for creating effective employee evaluation forms

An employee evaluation form that works for your business may not be ideal for other companies, but there are a few guidelines that apply to most evaluation forms. This how-to includes general guidelines for designing your employee evaluation forms to help ensure they’re "user-friendly", effective and follow best-practices. We’ve also included case studies of organizations who are benefitting from online employee appraisals and forms.

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Employee lifecycle pack

A well-designed form can make an activity easier, and encourage HR and management best practices. Poorly designed forms often slow down a process, or disengage employees and managers. This download includes a sampling of the forms in our Employee Lifecycle Pack, which support proven best-practices in talent management and are included free with Halogen Performance™.

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Employee evaluation forms with sample competencies and feedback

Any manager will tell you how challenging it is to write consistent and richly-detailed employee reviews. Check out some sample employee evaluation comments for a selection of our competencies, and get inspired to build your own written feedback. We’ve got examples of feedback about communication, initiative, building a team environment, learning new skills, and much more.

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How to prepare for your performance appraisal

It’s your career – make sure you’re doing all you can to make it a success! This includes taking a more active role in performance appraisals. This how-to outlines the steps employees can take to prepare for performance reviews, including preparing a list of your accomplishments and areas for development, drafting goals and doing a self-evaluation.

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Learn how other companies have improved their employee evaluation forms to realize better business outcomes.


Consulting firm WHPacific works to continually make improvements on their performance appraisal forms. In the past, they’ve used a paper-based system, but it just wasn’t working for the company anymore. Halogen Performance™ got them online, kept the appraisal process simple for managers and employees, and helped them track the progress of reviews. WHPacific was also able to create categories and weighting to set individualized performance goals and reinforce organizational priorities.

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Fairbanks Hospital

Fairbanks Hospital is the oldest independent alcohol and drug treatment centers in the U.S. The organization serves hundreds of people each week, and relies on Halogen TalentSpace™ to ensure it stays competitive when attracting talent. Fairbanks used Halogen to create organizational standards for inclusion in everyone’s appraisal, as well as outline management standards and weight sections to help align their workforce with their strategic plan.

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Halogen’s cloud-based talent management solutions can help you create and manage employee evaluation processes to drive better business results.

Halogen Performance™

Performance management programs can fall short if managers and employees see the process as a negative experience, or performance management isn’t clearly linked to the overall success of the business. Halogen Performance can help you ensure your employees get the continuous feedback, direction and development they need to be engaged and high-performing. It also gives HR easy access to performance data, so you can play a more strategic role in your organization, and build a world-class workforce.

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One of the biggest challenges facing HR leaders is selecting a talent management system \(TMS\). In this white paper Human Capital Analyst David Creelman has gathered insights from leading HR technology experts and HR professionals on some of the key considerations that go into the process of finding a TMS. It includes a step-by-step guide to building your selection team, creating a selection strategy and presenting a business case to your C-suite.

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