Middle East energy company fuels business objectives through talent management best practices


Since implementing Halogen's employee performance management solution, ORYX-GTL LTD has been able to:
  • Better align individual goals to support company values and business objectives
  • Create a more transparent and consistent performance management system
  • Better support its business objective to be a “green” company
  • Improve completion rates for key talent processes such as goal setting and performance reviews

Located in Qatar’s Ras Laffan Industrial City, Oryx Gas to Liquids LTD (ORYX-GTL LTD) is a pioneer in converting natural gas to other environmentally friendly fuels.

The company prides itself on being principled and environmentally responsible, committed to creating an efficient, diversified energy business and adding value to Qatar's natural resources. To meet these business objectives, ORYX-GTL is guided by four basic values: ensuring all staff are treated with respect and dignity; fostering sustainable development through operational excellence and continuous improvement in a zero-harm manner; integrity through a consistent framework of honesty and fairness; and delivering value and benefit to all stakeholders.

In 2009, the ORYX-GTL management team recognised that its performance management processes worked in opposition to its business goals. “One of ORYX-GTL’s strategic objectives, driven by our vision, is to be recognised as a ‘green’ company,” explains Mahmoud Abouzaid, HR Coordinator of ORYX-GTL. “We wanted to automate our performance management and other paper-based processes to achieve this.”

ORYX-GTL set out to find an easy-to-use, automated system that would help save time and could be used to track, review and assess progress to ensure company goals are achieved. They found just what they were looking for in Halogen’s solution.

Halogen helps align ORYX-GTL culture to business objectives

ORYX-GTL is using the Halogen solution to tie employee performance to company values and objectives. “The Halogen performance management system has helped us to communicate our values to our employees and make these a part of our appraisal process,” says Abouzaid. “This helps ensure everyone knows what is required in terms of desired behaviors that support our company values, and enables us to assess behaviors against those values.”

ORYX-GTL management has provided very positive feedback about the system, and especially appreciates the ability to assess, analyse and track employee progress and development through reports. “After any review process, management meets to review performance reports, such as normal distribution for performance ratings in each department and for the company as a whole, as well as employees’ comments to support their performance ratings,” says Abouzaid. “This information helps us track goals and ensure development plans are in place, all in support of maximising the performance of our people.”

Paperless process helps save the environment — and time

“Protecting the environment is an integral aspect of our planning and decision making process, and Halogen helps us to be an environmentally friendly company,” says Abouzaid.

Abouzaid says their former paper-based system was time-consuming, created additional work, and made it difficult to track the progress of the appraisal process, resulting in delayed and missed process deadlines.

He notes that Halogen’s process flexibility provides real time-savers for the company. The system provides the ability to customise workflow by choosing from a menu of process steps. “The flexibility of the process options helped us to customise the steps in the appraisal process so we could achieve optimal time savings,” he says.

The other time saving feature has been the system’s automated email reminders, which send notifications to stakeholders when they have a task to perform or when a task is overdue. “As an HR department, Halogen helps us to deliver value and benefits through the streamlining of our performance management process. The customisable steps and automated task reminders save us time and effort,” says Abouzaid.


Since implementing Halogen’s performance management solution, not only has ORYX-GTL transformed its performance management process into an environmentally friendly one, but the company has been able to align employee behaviors to business objectives, and focus on building a strong high-performance culture.