Innovation Place gets more from its talent management processes with Continuous Advancement Services


Company profile

Established in 1980, Innovation Place is a Saskatchewan Crown corporation with a direct reporting relationship to the provincial government of Saskatchewan. The corporation develops and operates science and technology parks in Saskatoon, Regina, and the Forest Centre building in Prince Albert.

Innovation Place fulfills its mission to support the growth and success of Saskatchewan’s technology sector by providing clients with a superior working environment that contributes directly to their success. The corporation’s vision that, “Saskatchewan’s technology parks will be the best in the world,” is intended to inspire its employees towards excellence in their everyday work and it is intended to act as a lens through which they make decisions.


When Innovation Place decided it was time to take its work planning and performance management processes to the next level with innovative talent management, the HR team turned to Halogen‘s Continuous Advancement Services for expert help and advice.

Halogen’s Continuous Advancement Services are designed to help companies who are already using Halogen solutions, further refine, improve and mature their talent management processes for maximum business results.

“As the administrator of our Halogen solution — and also new to the position — I was looking for some additional practical hands-on experience that would make me feel more confident in my role — and that’s exactly what Halogen’s Continuous Advancement Services offered,” says Kim Ehr, Human Resources Officer, Innovation Place.

Specifically, Kim was looking for help with:

  • Boosting on-time completion rates for work planning (i.e., goal setting and measurement)
  • Increasing employee use of their Halogen tools including performance journals and feedback
  • Implementing a separate onboarding and goal-setting process


Once the decision to choose Continuous Advancement Services was made, the process moved quickly. An initial “discovery meeting” took place, followed by regular weekly meetings between Kim and a dedicated Halogen business consultant. “Each week, I was assigned homework, which really helped me become familiar with the system and build my confidence,” says Kim.

With the help of Halogen’s Continuous Advancement Services, Innovation Place has enhanced its talent management processes in the following ways:



Merge work plan and annual review processes to make one contingent upon the other.
Before they close off their year-end appraisal process, employees and managers must first establish work goals for next year.

Organizational alignment:
Employees and managers are motivated to complete work plans/goals on time. Additionally, with work planning taking place early in the process, everyone has clear visibility into what is expected of them over the next year – and how it ties in with the organization’s overarching vision.

Implement the Microsoft Office® Outlook® plug-in for Halogen Feedback Central™
Feedback received by email via Microsoft Office Outlook can be incorporated directly into the Halogen solution with a simple click of a button.

Stronger coaching culture:
Increase use of journal notes via Halogen Feedback Central not only makes it easier to collect and keep track of feedback, it also drives more frequent, meaningful and valuable dialog between managers and employees.
Managers now hold monthly check-up meetings with their direct reports to review goal progress, review and discuss feedback and proactively address any challenges or obstacles that might arise.

Implement an onboarding goal-setting process
Formalizing a goal setting exercise for new hires ensures that their foundation with the organization is started off properly. This allows new hires to get a clear picture of expectations/responsibilities prior to their annual evaluation.

Improved onboarding:
Goal setting and work planning (and coaching) for new hires are now more effective and relevant. New employees become familiar with and are “onboarded” into the Innovation Place culture in a more timely fashion, enabling them to feel like valued contributors to the organization, sooner.

Improving outcomes

Through Continuous Advancement Services, Innovation Place has been able to enhance talent management processes and improve outcomes in support of the company’s vision to “inspire its employees towards excellence.”

“Halogen Continuous Advancement Services have been great,” says Kim. “We look forward to using these services again to help us get even more from our Halogen system, including optimizing reporting to gain valuable insights into key workforce trends.”