CEA meets changing business needs with cutting-edge performance appraisals


The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA®) modernized its home-grown process for managing employee performance, goals and development, taking advantage of the enterprise-class features available through Halogen Performance™. The implementation of this new solution has enabled the organization to:

  • Replace its home-grown system with a technically secure system that meets their needs;
  • Assure its employees and managers that sensitive appraisal information is kept confidential;
  • Minimize the labor required to complete the employee performance appraisal process; and
  • Quickly adapt to changing business needs using the flexible and easily configurable system.

Company profile

More than 2200 companies make up the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) member community. Membership in CEA has quadrupled in the past three years, making CEA the most respected and recognized source for information, support and tools in the consumer electronics industry.


CEA decided to move away from its home-grown performance management tool and adopt a cutting-edge, enterprise-class employee performance and talent management solution.

Several years ago, a CEA employee created an online system to help in the organization's performance review, goal setting, and training and development process. When Annemarie Ramirez, the Vice President of Human Resources at CEA, joined the organization she was immediately approached about updating the home-grown system.

"The past system had a few technical issues and, because the system was produced in-house, there were significant concerns regarding confidentiality," explained Ramirez.

Beyond concerns regarding confidentiality, the system was somewhat labor intensive. Even though it was an on-line system, appraisals still had to be printed for signatures.

Selection process

Ramirez took on the challenge of investigating possible alternatives and, while attending a SHRM conference, the Halogen system caught her attention. "We fell in love with Halogen," said Ramirez. "We were very impressed; we immediately saw that it gave us the functionality we needed."

CEA wanted an automated web-based system that people could access while they were traveling and required the solution to be highly configurable so it could accommodate the organization's multiple appraisal processes without expensive customizations.

Going into the process, CEA determined it required a solution that would be hosted by the vendor to reduce the burden on the organization's IT team and infrastructure. Hosting by Halogen Software provided CEA all the benefits of using the software without the IT requirements normally associated with introducing software across an organization. Halogen's hosted solution addressed all of CEA's IT concern so they could focus on their core business needs.

"Halogen has been amazing," said Ramirez. "I have been very happy with all of my interactions with customer support. As a hosted customer, they are able to quickly point us in the right direction and they have been able to resolve things almost immediately."

Once the Halogen solution was selected, implementation went quickly and smoothly, and within two weeks the organization started its first process. "It was very quick," said Ramirez. "Every process I have run through since the first one has been even easier than the one before. The solution is very easy-to-use and understand."

Both managers and employees have been very accepting of the new solution, with even the CEO embracing Halogen's offering. "Our CEO loves the new system," explained Ramirez. "He is very happy with the issues it has overcome for us and with the process that has been designed specifically for him."


"Halogen's reliability and the system's confidentiality have been a huge relief," said Ramirez. "I am not hearing any of the complaints I used to when I first arrived. The feedback from employees and managers has all been very positive and confidence has been restored in the appraisal process."

The flexibility of the Halogen solution has enabled CEA to quickly address unique situations and requirements. Currently, the organization is using six different employee evaluation forms to appraise all of its employees. For example, a smaller specialized process has been created that enables the organization to evaluate its CEO, using Halogen 360 Multirater™. Also, CEA has been able to quickly create several very specific processes when they have been needed. For instance, in one case a senior vice president was taking leave at a time when reviews normally took place. In response, the organization created a streamlined process just for the vice president and her direct reports so that they could complete it in a shorter time frame. Having this powerful tool enables CEA to respond to last minute scenarios that would otherwise be difficult to adapt to.

"I would absolutely recommend Halogen to anyone else looking for an employee performance management system," says Ramirez. "We've been able to swiftly address a number of situations because the solution is so adaptable and easy-to-use. From start to finish, our experience working with Halogen and our new system has been a smooth process for all involved."