Irish Co-operative uses Halogen Performance to support focus on talent management


Aurivo Co-operative Society Ltd. is West Ireland’s largest multipurpose co-operative with business in consumer foods, dairy ingredients, retail stores, animal feeds and livestock trading.

Boasting a rich co-operative history that dates back to 1897, Aurivo’s modern-day mission is to “enhance the lives of its members, customers, colleagues and the communities in which the company operates.” For Aurivo, a vital component of supporting this central mission is to have a focused, committed and high-performing workforce that is aligned and working toward the same goals.

Prior to implementing Halogen’s solution in 2012, Aurivo was using manual paper-based processes to conduct employee performance appraisals and management. However, as the co-operative’s sites, workforce and membership grew, the system was proving to be less than effective on many fronts.

According to Michael Henry, Human Resources Officer, visibility into how people were actually performing was a major challenge: “There was no clear view of which managers were completing employee appraisals and which were not. It was also difficult to track if people were achieving their goals — which made goal alignment particularly difficult. In addition, there was no transparency when it came to linking performance to bonuses, either.”

To address the challenges of tracking and measurement, Aurivo began to search for an online employee performance management solution in 2011.

The decision to go with Halogen Software 

When Aurivo decided to move to an automated system, the HR team looked at several vendors. Some of these were eliminated early in the process due to complexity, price, lack of flexibility, and poor fit with Aurivo’s traditional agriculture-based culture. At the end of the selection process, Halogen emerged as the clear winner over competitors Oracle and SAP. 

Henry was impressed by the support Aurivo received throughout the process, from the pre-sales phase to implementation and beyond. “The sales team and the support we received were excellent. I assumed that the level of care we got for the implementation was the norm but now we’ve come to realise that Halogen went above and beyond our expectations.”

Aligning individual goals with corporate pillars

Aurivo’s four business pillars of innovation, customer focus, operational excellence and investing in its people are the platforms of the company’s growth and customer experience. As drivers for success, these pillars, and the philosophy behind them, must be instilled in every staff member across each one of the co-operative’s 50 sites — something which Halogen Performance is helping Aurivo to achieve. Since implementing Halogen Performance™, Aurivo has been able to:

  • Better align employee goals with business objectives 
  • Increase on-time employee performance management completion rates from 58 percent to 94 percent
  • Save time, reduce administrative effort and improve transparency

“With Halogen Performance, I can easily create a review form from scratch — and include key performance indicators based on our four corporate pillars,” says Henry. “Through Halogen, our people not only see how the KPIs relate to their work but also how they link back to their store, area, and business unit’s KPIs. Goals are aligned across the organisation, and everyone knows what’s expected of them and how their efforts contribute to overall business success.”

Greater consistency, more fairness and less work

Before implementing Halogen Performance, Aurivo used a 10-page document for employee appraisals. The problem with this system was that it lacked consistency. There was no defined way of doing appraisals, which meant every manager would complete the form in a different way. Some would even hand the unwelcome task over to their employees to be completed.

With Halogen, not only has the appraisal process become more consistent and fair, but the on-time completion rates for reviews have also jumped from 58 percent to 94 percent. Henry credits the lift to Halogen’s ease-of-use. “KPIs from the previous year’s process are already pre-loaded so people only have to respond to them. We couldn’t believe how easy it is, and how much time it saves managers and employees,” he says.

Reporting capabilities drive transparency and save time

Halogen’s reporting capabilities have helped the HR team get a clear view into who has completed appraisals and who has not, which is a vast improvement over previous tracking. “Prior to Halogen, we had to make dozens of phone calls to follow up on appraisal status. Now we can instantly run a report to monitor progress and completion across all areas of the company, and provide a status at our weekly leaders’ meetings,” says Henry. “Halogen Performance’s reporting capabilities have saved us hours on the phone and provided us with unparalleled visibility into the process.”

While Henry and his team are delighted with Halogen so far, they know that there’s so much more to what the system can offer. “We’ve barely scratched the surface of how much Halogen can offer us in terms of talent management,” says Henry. “We look forward to using the Halogen TalentSpace suite to help us continue to enhance and evolve our talent management processes.”