Qatar National Broadband Network Aligns Its Workforce with Halogen Software

Communications provider uses Halogen Performance™ to help employees see how their work matters to the business

London, UK — March 7, 2016 Halogen Software (TSX: HGN) announced today that Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) is using the Halogen Performance™ solution to align its workforce and increase transparency and communication so employees see how their work impacts organisational success. Employees have a clearer sense of how performance is managed and evaluated, and are more engaged in the performance management process.

“We want our employees to have a clear line of sight into how their work matters to the business. We are able to align employee goals to organisational objectives and keep employees engaged in the performance management process by creating a culture of continuous coaching and feedback,” says Dr. Junby Layaoen, HR Strategy & Talent Management Manager, Qnbn. “Halogen plays an important role in helping us make ongoing performance management a regular part of our business because it enables us to look at employee performance, gather data, and analyze progress quickly and easily.”

Improved data collection enables Qnbn’s leadership and management teams to readily see exactly how every employee is progressing towards meeting crucial performance objectives and use this information to drive feedback, coaching and career development discussions.

“By using Halogen, we are able to provide all employees with meaningful feedback on their performance and make better business decisions based on performance data,” says Dr. Layaoen. “We can now tailor training and development needs based on performance data to help employees move forward in their careers and really see a future for themselves at Qnbn.”

Halogen Performance is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for cultivating a high-performance workforce that is completely aligned with your organisation's goals and priorities. With flexible forms, automated workflows and built in feedback and development tools, Halogen Performance empowers you to configure your performance processes your way.

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