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Put ongoing performance management at the heart of your talent strategy

There are some good reasons why performance management programs fall short. Managers and employees see the annual review process as a negative once-a-year experience with a start and stop date, rather than a valuable ongoing feedback process.

Then there's the challenge of linking your performance management to overall business success. Many companies just don't do it.

But there's a better way. Halogen's agile performance management solution includes everything you need to establish a culture of ongoing feedback and coaching so you can align, engage and inspire your people to achieve the results that matter to your business.

We make it easy to:

  • Configure agile performance management processes your way
  • Align employee goals with your business strategy
  • Build a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Promote career growth and continuous development
  • Use world-renowned competencies, best practices workflows, job descriptions and more

Performance Management Performance Management

Start your journey today with one of these 3 options

Make ongoing performance management the driving force for your entire talent management strategy with our integrated and easy-to-adopt suite of products, collaborative services and empowering content. We can help you select the performance management solution that's right for you and help you progress on your journey, every step of the way.


Make engaging performance conversations a reality


Align employees to achieve strategic outcomes


Empower employees with development and career growth

Configure it your way

Adapt performance processes that fit your business – from ongoing check-ins, to goal setting, to development planning, to appraisals – and implement a variety of best practices that meet your business needs now and in the future with flexible performance management tools. These include automated workflow, configurable form builder, flexible rating styles, 360 degree feedback, and built-in content and tools for helping managers assess and develop your people.

Stay responsive and in tune with organizational objectives
Implement agile performance management processes that you can adapt to meet the changing needs of your business
Do things your way with configurable performance management to put you in control

Keep business on track with flexible goal management

Give your managers the goal-setting techniques and tools they need to ensure their teams have clear, measurable and meaningful objectives that align to the needs of the business. Engage employees with line of sight visibility into how their work matters to the business.

Goal 1
Keep every employee's goals aligned with the organization's – with ongoing goal reviews and updates
Goal 2
Quickly identify when goals are off track so managers and employees can course correct
Goal 3
Easily adapt organizational and individual goal requirements to your changing business priorities

Drive performance with ongoing coaching and feedback

Continuous coaching and feedback are at the heart of ongoing performance management.

Make engaging performance conversations a reality by giving managers and employees the foundational skills and tools needed to collaborate on goals, provide meaningful feedback and promote ongoing development and career growth.

Keep everyone talking about what's important to the business
Build stronger manager-employee relationships
Get better results faster with improved engagement and productivity

Engage and retain employees with development and career growth

Continuous growth and development are the key to engaging your employees and improving productivity. Cultivate talent from within all areas of the organization by focusing on building the business-critical skills required to perform in current roles, and help employees prepare for future opportunities. Inspire employees to continue their progress by giving them a clear path for career growth supported by ongoing coaching and feedback from managers and mentors.

Create development plans as part of your employee performance management process
Link development plans directly to competency or skill gaps, or to career aspirations
Empower managers with effective coaching tools to maximize employee development and performance

Instantly see how your organization is progressing

It's never been easier to know exactly how each and every employee is progressing toward those crucial performance objectives. From competencies, goals and development plans to the entire performance process — you'll know at a glance where things are at!

Know who your high and low performers are
Understand areas of workforce strength and weakness
Get a clear picture of the status of all your performance management processes and tasks

Real-time feedback for real change

How do you know if employees are getting what they want out of work? You ask them. Ask questions that help you measure what truly matters to your organization.

Learn what you need to know, when you need to know it so you can take the right actions that will build a better workplace. Employees can easily and confidentially share their feelings, opinions and perceptions. You can measure and report on feedback, and provide the results to managers and leaders.

Configure Pulse survey questions
Adjust frequency based on your needs
Report in real-time to act quickly


Reinforce your culture at every employee touch point

Use a rich competency framework that reflects your culture. Because Halogen uses a single competency model across all our solution sets, you can reinforce your culture at every touch point - from attracting the right candidates and evaluating your people to helping managers coach and develop the right skills. Connect your performance and talent management practices with a common competency framework that you can build on.

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Your journey begins here.

Our recommended performance management solutions are designed to help your organization make ongoing performance management a natural fit for your business so you can focus on engaging, aligning, and retaining the people who are what make your company successful.


Make engaging performance conversations a reality
Everything in Coach:
  • Understand your talent with rich employee profiles and dynamic views of your entire organization
  • Foster a culture of continuous coaching and feedback
  • Create personal goals that can be set, revised and updated any time
  • Build personal growth plans so employees can own their development
  • Enable employees and managers to have meaningful, ongoing performance conversations
  • Gather key business insights to analyze and measure progress
  • 1:1 Meetings
  • Talent Profile
  • Talent View
  • Talent Search
  • Feedback
  • Goals
  • Development
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Conversation starters
  • Implementation and consulting services
  • 24/7 Live customer support


Align employees to achieve strategic outcomes
Everything in Coach plus:
  • Create an agile and ongoing performance management workflow using flexible processes and forms
  • Link personal goals to organizational objectives for goal alignment across the business
  • Reinforce organizational culture through core competencies by recognizing and developing desired behaviors
  • Connect personal development plans to competencies and create a clear path for growth
  • Gather 360-degree multirater feedback
  • Built-in competency library, comment helper, conversation starters, best practice forms and processes library, and more
  • Implementation and consulting services
  • 24/7 Live customer support


Empower employees with development and career growth
Everything in Coach and Align plus:
  • Empower employees with practical ways to manage and progress their career – in current and future roles
  • Build talent pools for career growth and succession
  • Cultivate talent through individual, organizational and leadership development programs aligned with your strategic plan
  • Built-in competency library, coaching tips, conversation starters, best practice forms and processes library, and more
  • Implementation and consulting services
  • 24/7 Live customer support

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"My life has gotten much easier."

"By providing a user-friendly and effective system, we have been successful in transforming our organization into one where employees receive coaching and feedback ongoing. Since implementing Halogen, my life has gotten much easier. The managers like the process and they use it. And the fact that they like it and they use it increases the power and the effectiveness of our performance management system significantly."

Melanie Rydalch, Regional HR Manager



"A direct impact on employee engagement."

"Halogen's performance management solution is helping us to align and drive goals, and it's providing our managers with the tools they need to provide meaningful feedback and to reward high performance. And this is having a direct impact on employee engagement."

Louise Tromp, Director, Human Resources


Cabell Huntington Hospital

"A better way to do business."

"Halogen performance management has revolutionized the way that the managers conduct business and evaluations in the organization. I believe that Halogen is absolutely, hands-down, a better way to do business."

Bruce Felder, HR Manager

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