Talent pool-based succession planning software — the way it was intended to be.

Succession planning software on various devices

Halogen Succession™ succeeds where other personal succession planning software fails. With Halogen Succession you get best-practice talent pool-based succession planning that ensures every part, section, department, division of your organization has a large pool of employees ready to step into new roles. And that doesn’t mean just executive leadership positions.

Now you can expertly cultivate talent from within your organization, through targeted individual, organizational and leadership development programs that align with your strategic plan. What’s in it for you? Deeper bench-strength. Higher employee engagement. Lower turnover. How can you not love that?

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62% of employees say they would be significantly more engaged if their company had a succession plan.
Source: Software Advice
Succession planning software that works as shown by HR employees

Succession planning in three steps

Implement your personal succession management program in three practical phases. Start by identifying your high-potential employees and areas of risk. Then see who you need to develop and retain. Next, define and build your talent pools. Then, when you need to fill a key position, you're ready to fill it.

Future-proofing for your company

Develop deep and broad talent pipelines in all key areas — not just leadership roles. Understand the skills and competencies required to support your organization’s strategic plan, and closely align succession planning processes with corporate mission, vision and values.

Top talent stays where it belongs — with you

You can't keep them if you don't know who they are. And they won't stay if they don't see a great future for themselves within your organization. Know who your-high potential, high-performing employees are, and chart a path for their future success — and your organization's success.

Succession planning software helps keep your top talent

Fill key positions without lengthy searches

It's almost like having a bunch of understudies waiting in the wings. Whenever you have an opening for a new leader or key contributor (critical replacement or a new role), you have a host of qualified candidates in your talent pool, just waiting for the chance to shine. Your organization never has to suffer through a protracted talent search.

What our customers are saying

“A really good tool for employees to market themselves.”

“Before, if a manager felt somebody was ready for promotion, then they would be promoted. With Halogen Succession, we've found it's a really good tool for our employees to market themselves and their strengths across the organization; this has a huge impact on the way we actually manage internal promotions.”
~ Naomi Godwin, HR Advisor, UCC Coffee UK Limited

Everyone in the organization wins

HR Pros

  • Get a practical, effective succession planning process that delivers real results — right away
  • Capture succession information during the performance appraisal process
  • Accelerate the first phase of a succession plan to retain key talent

Managers and Employees

  • High performers are assigned to talent pools and groomed for career progression
  • Managers benefit from having a pool of internal candidates who are ready to fill open positions

C-Level Executives

  • Generate larger pools of promotable employees for all areas (not just leadership!)
  • Ensure short-term and long-term organizational success
  • Align succession planning efforts with corporate mission, vision and values