What some of our customers are saying...

York Region

Using Halogen Performance™ has actually really helped bring a performance management culture to our organization. We are heavily unionized so we're actually starting to bring our unionized employees on to the system. They have never really done this on a regular basis before. So it’s really helping drive a more development based organization and showing people that performance management is about developing your people.

Sue Desroches, HR Analyst

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City of Keen

To anybody in the municipal business, we selected Halogen Performance because of its complete flexibility and Halogen's exceptional customer service. And, of course, there's the automation factor — it's there in front of us. It's saving paper. It's faster. And it gives us more control.

Bill Prokop, Assistant City Manager & HR Director

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City of Henderson

With Halogen, every employee is connected to the company’s operating and strategic plans and initiatives. Everyone understands why they’re doing what they’re doing and how it ties into achieving the organization’s objectives — which has led to greater accountability and higher engagement.

Candace Somers, Manager of Organizational Development & Training