Brilliant features to help firms manage performance, recruit staff, and develop future leadership.

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Every employee goal can be directly linked to the organizational goal or target it supports.

Organizational goal management. Align your workforce with ease.

With Halogen Performance™ you can align employee goals with firm goals, then easily track and manage everyone's progress with easy-to-use dashboards, reports and management views. You can even update goal status from a mobile phone or tablet.

Find out more about how Halogen TalentSpace helps consulting, accounting and legal firms recruit and develop the best talent.

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The Certification Report lets you see where everyone stands with respect to credentialing and continuing education.

Learning management. See a return on your investments in professional development.

Use Halogen Performance and Halogen Learning™ to foster your employees' continuous development and manage credentialing requirements. By linking learning with competencies you can help managers and employees choose the most appropriate learning activities, and can even measure the impact training has had on performance. Whether you oversee the professional development for lawyers, accountants, or another professional services discipline, Halogen Learning allows you to infuse corporate strategy into development. And by supporting their development, credentialing and career progression, you help retain highly valuable staff.

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Competency specific coaching and development tips help managers develop their employees.

Competency management. Create the workforce and culture your firm needs.

Identify the competencies that underpin your success and define your firm's culture, then easily align recruitment strategies and development activities to cultivate these in your employees. You can use our extensive competency libraries, yours, or a combination. Now HR staff, consulting and legal recruiters have the tools to proactively create a workforce and culture that provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Richly detailed talent profiles help you see every employee's portfolio of education, skills and experience.

Integrated talent profiles. Better leverage your human assets.

Capture detailed information on employees' background, skills, experience and credentials to support better informed talent decisions about things like: project assignments, promotions, client engagements. Our talent profiles are completely configurable for law firms, accounting firms, or any other professional service industry, so you can capture all the information your firm needs. Talent profiles can even help your staff network and collaborate.

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Groom high potential employees for career advancement with talent pool based succession planning.

Talent pool based succession planning. Secure your future.

Give your top performers a clear career path and secure your firm's future with talent pool based succession planning. Halogen Succession™ lets you implement your program in practical phases. Identify your high potential employees, groom them for career advancement and leadership, then promote the best candidates when there's an opening. It's a great retention tool, especially for employees with skills.

Other brilliant software features

Feedback Anytime, Anywhere:

Increase engagement and connect with your people no matter where they are. Share in-the-moment feedback, recognition, coaching tips and 1:1 agenda items with the Halogen app for iOS and Android. All feedback is shared automatically and synced in Halogen.

Connected platform™

Connect Halogen's performance-led platform to your HRIS and other systems to give you a complete picture of your people. Easily add on additional capabilities so you can stay flexible as your business grows.


Our succession planning tools work with assistive technologies such as screen readers and text-to-voice software. Tab control allows users to navigate the Halogen system without a mouse. These features benefit organizations concerned about compliance with disability guidelines and regulations, such as the United States 1998 amendment of Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Language packs

Whatever your language of choice, Halogen has you covered. We have comprehensive language packs that include a translated user interface, help files, email notifications and spell check.

Distributed workforce management

Organizations can manage the unique talent requirements of their entire workforce in each region or unit — all from one central online location.

Convert emails into feedback entries

With a click of the mouse tag, convert emails received from others into feedback entries in the system. Just as easily, create new peer feedback and recognition entries and have them added directly into your file — or any other personnel’ files for future reference — all without leaving Microsoft Office® Outlook®.