This isn't your average performance appraisal tool. It’s okay to be impressed.

Halogen Performance™ is loaded with time-saving features that naturally encourage talent management best practices. Here are just a few that your managers and employees will really love!

Share performance appraisal and recognition from various sources

The future of instant, social feedback and recognition — here for you now.

Use Halogen Feedback Central™ to capture in-the-moment coaching tips, feedback and recognition from managers, peers, HR teams — even from outside your organization. Convert emails into feedback entries and share feedback anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet. Accurately record employee performance feedback year round, including accomplishments, performance gaps, and critical incident reports. Then pull feedback directly into employee performance appraisals to provide direct support for ratings and comments, and provide richer, less subjective reviews.

Suggested comments and coaching tips help reduce the time it takes to write employee performance appraisals

Write faster, more detailed employee appraisals.

When writing performance reviews, do your managers ever struggle with knowing what to say about their employees’ performance? The Halogen Performance authoring tools can help. Managers have quick fingertip access to all the information they need — from feedback, results from self-evaluations, multirater assessments and past appraisals, talent profiles, employee goals and development plans, to Halogen 1:1 Exchange™ meeting minutes. Halogen Performance comes with nearly 5,000 preconfigured performance comments and coaching tips to modify, or you can create your own. Your managers will love how much time they can save!

Our incredibly flexible competency model allows you to assess competencies virtually any way you want.

Competency management. Cultivate a culture envied by others.

Easily evaluate your employees' demonstration of key competencies, build your competitive advantage and help define your culture — your way. Provide employees with truly meaningful assessments so they understand what’s expected of them, and assign targeted development plans where needed. Use our extensive competency library (which includes Lean competencies), yours, or one of the third-party libraries available with Halogen Performance. And since one size doesn’t fit all, choose the best way to rate competencies — short, long or matrix-style. Even mix and match to suit your needs, all in the same process. How’s that for convenience?

Goal links show how individual performance goals align and support the organization\'s strategy.

Goal management. A SMART way to align and track goals.

It’s great to set goals. It’s even better to achieve them. With Halogen Performance, link individual goals to the organizational goals they support, so employees have 20/20 vision into the value and relevance of their work. Then easily track and communicate progress on goals at every level — even from your mobile phone or tablet. It’s never been easier to adopt goal management best practices and drive better, SMARTER results.

Support employee development, continuous improvement, and success.

Career and development planning. Shape and mold your dream workforce.

Create career and professional development plans as part of your employee performance management process whenever you identify a learning need. Tie development plans and activities directly to competencies, for greater context, or set them independently to support career aspirations and/or goal performance.

Transform your employee profiles into a truly useful business tool.

Get an instant view of your organizational structure and health.

Halogen Talent View™ uses dynamic filtering and highlighting to provide the critical indicators that matter to your business — across all your talent management programs.

At a glance, see which employees are retention risks, who the high and low performers are, who potential successors are, where compensation discrepancies exist, and more. Through Talent View you’ll have the data you need to make talent-related adjustments or changes, and improve organizational performance — all in one intuitive workspace.

Automated email reminders help dramatically increase participation and on-time completion.

Real-time reporting. Track status and results in just a few clicks.

With Halogen Performance, real-time reporting is a snap. Executives, managers, HR professionals and training specialists benefit from instant access to performance management metrics delivered in easy to understand reports. You can also pinpoint the status of every appraisal, track progress on goals, identify development needs across the organization, compare and calibrate performance ratings, identify top performers and those at risk, and more.

Talent Profiles

Get the complete picture with an integrated, flexible, self-service employee profile that can be used for sharing, searching, and identifying internal talent.

Activity Tracker

Employees can stay on top of all related activities with a real-time status update of feedback, approvals, notifications and more, in one central tracking panel.

Email Reminders

Keep everyone on track with automated email reminders that notify managers and employees about upcoming tasks and remind those who are late.

Other brilliant software features

Feedback Anytime, Anywhere:

Increase engagement and connect with your people no matter where they are. Share in-the-moment feedback, recognition, coaching tips and 1:1 agenda items with the Halogen app for iOS and Android. All feedback is shared automatically and synced in Halogen.

Connected platform™

Connect Halogen's performance-led platform to your HRIS and other systems to give you a complete picture of your people. Easily add on additional capabilities so you can stay flexible as your business grows.


Our succession planning tools work with assistive technologies such as screen readers and text-to-voice software. Tab control allows users to navigate the Halogen system without a mouse. These features benefit organizations concerned about compliance with disability guidelines and regulations, such as the United States 1998 amendment of Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Language packs

Whatever your language of choice, Halogen has you covered. We have comprehensive language packs that include a translated user interface, help files, email notifications and spell check.

Distributed workforce management

Organizations can manage the unique talent requirements of their entire workforce in each region or unit — all from one central online location.

Convert emails into feedback entries

With a click of the mouse tag, convert emails received from others into feedback entries in the system. Just as easily, create new peer feedback and recognition entries and have them added directly into your file — or any other personnel’ files for future reference — all without leaving Microsoft Office® Outlook®.