What some of our customers are saying…

With Halogen Performance™ there was a quantum leap in a universal acceptance of performance management. Now managers across the organization are proactive and diligent. They regularly use the tool to record and make notes about achievements or roadblocks. They look at making sure the right things get done throughout the year. It’s about goal alignment over several sessions rather than one formal annual process. And it’s become ingrained in our culture.

Cindy Wilker, VP Supply Chain

Employees have a complete and accurate picture of their performance as we are able to easily gather feedback and seamlessly incorporate it into review documents. Our environment is such that someone may have multiple managers in the course of a year so this makes a big difference. With feedback from all involved, employees have the full picture of where they stand performance-wise and what they are expected to be executing on for the next review cycle.

Tracy White, Senior Director of Human Resources

It has revolutionized the way that the managers conduct business and evaluations in the organization. I believe that Halogen is absolutely, by far, hands-down, a better way to do business.

Bruce Felder, HR Manager

Overall, managers are doing a much better job at managing employees. Appraisals are completed fairly and because the results are measurable, they add value for the employees. For the first time, employees have a good understanding of what is being expected of them and employee goals are now more in line with organizational goals. Halogen Performance is just more efficient and timely and as a result we had 100% participation!

Meredith Tulli, Executive Director Human Resources

The amount of time saved for employees, managers and HR is huge. This alone has exceeded our expectations. But more importantly, completion rates have jumped from 50 to 95 percent, and employees are meeting with their managers. Employees are being coached, and performance is being discussed on an ongoing basis – and these details are being documented and saved in Halogen Performance. This is a significant and very positive change for our organization, not just culturally, but for our business overall.

Crystal Drake, Human Resource Specialist