What some of our customers are saying…

We chose Halogen Performance™ and Halogen Compensation™ because it most closely fit with our reward-for-performance culture. Halogen’s tools provide us with a high level of accountability for our managers, to help them defend their appraisal and compensation decisions to all members of our corporate compensation committee.

Ron Bates, Vice President of HR

Managers love it. We’ve only had positive feedback. It’s easy for them — they have fingertip access to critical data on each employee, which enables them to make staffing decisions, compensation decisions and focus on employee development. Furthermore, the HR department is no longer bogged down with copious amounts of paper for every employee, when it comes to performance reviews, or new hire approvals.

Lisa Cormier-Smith, MS, VP & Human Resource Director

Halogen Compensation gives leaders the flexibility to 'play around' — spreadsheet style — with various options, while ensuring they don't go over budget or violate any of our company guidelines.

Kate Adametz-Jenkins, Compensation Analyst