The essential one-to-one feedback tool for organizations that want to change the way their people manage performance.

1 on 1 meeting software showcased on various devices

With award-winning Halogen 1:1 Exchange™, managers and employees finally have an easy way to stay aligned, engaged and focused on achieving real-time performance outcomes. How? By giving managers and employees a simple, interactive, centralized way to track and collaborate on goals and projects, exchange meaningful feedback, provide coaching, discuss career development opportunities, or any issue that matters – on a regular, ongoing basis.

With built-in conversation starters, automated agendas, instant access to goal progress, feedback, development activities, meeting minutes and more, Halogen 1:1 Exchange improves communication, strengthens the manager-employee relationship and fosters a results-driven performance culture across your organization through one-to-one feedback.

Improve employee engagement with these software features!


When managers conduct frequent check-ins on quarterly goals , companies can realize 30-40% greater returns.
Source: Josh Bersin
1 on 1 meeting software makes coaching and feedback easier

Give employees the one-to-one feedback they need

Now every employee can get regular one-on-one time with their manager to ask questions, clarify expectations, share progress, get feedback on their performance, give their manager feedback, and discuss anything else they need to support their work and development.

Use meeting time to drive higher performance

Because Halogen 1:1 Exchange meeting module works seamlessly with other Halogen TalentSpace™ system it can pull any performance and career development information as well as any staff feedback tracked in the system and use it to automatically generate a meeting agenda. This helps managers and employees focus on what's most important. It also helps guide managers with communicating and discussing organizational or employee-specific topics. All the information employees and managers need for effective one-on-one meetings is right at their fingertips. Just one more way Halogen TalentSpace helps you use data from your various talent management processes to foster a high-performance culture.

1 on 1 meeting software keeps employees and  management in sync

Develop stronger working relationships

Help managers provide ongoing, relevant one-to-one feedback and coaching. Build staff engagement through open, honest relationships between managers and employees. And power up one-on-one meetings to gauge morale, identify issues and guide your workforce. Now managers and employees will actually look forward to their get-togethers.

Enjoy centralized, easy online access to meeting data

Halogen 1:1 Exchange keeps all the coaching and one-to-one feedback notes made over the course of your one‑on‑one meetings secure and centrally accessible in our web-based system. That's really important when you need them as backup for justifying promotions or disciplinary actions. And it's a great way to brief new or replacement managers who are getting to know their staff.

What our customers are saying

“Halogen 1:1 Exchange is a natural fit.”

“Halogen 1:1 Exchange is a natural fit in making performance management more powerful for everyone. If employees and managers discuss feedback, goals and development, they have a record of the dialogue via meeting minutes in the system. When it comes time for the performance review, managers can look back at meeting information, review what was shared and track performance shifts over time.”
~ Joyce Smith, HR Manager, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Everyone in the organization wins

HR Pros

  • Provide managers the tools to support coaching and development.
  • Give employees a way to direct the conversation.
  • Ensure managers and employees discuss ongoing performance activities that matter.
  • Get evidence of performance discussions between managers and employees for legal or disciplinary issues.
  • Correlate the conducting of one-on-one meetings with things like performance ratings, engagement scores and turnover.

Managers and Employees

  • Get regular one on one time with one another to ask questions, clarify expectations, and exchange feedback.
  • Have a complete view of all ongoing performance and development activities, and a simpler way to review and revise goals, development plans, and feedback.
  • Can collaborate and document progress and achievements that can be included in performance reviews, quarterly check-ins – and more – making formal HR processes faster and easier to complete.
  • Managers have an easy way to check in, coach and develop their employees on a regular basis.

C-Level Executives

  • Drive higher levels of leadership at all levels of the organization.
  • Ensure all levels of management – including your inexperienced front line managers – are conducting the leadership activities needed to align and drive the organization forward.
  • Foster an organizational culture of ongoing feedback and performance.