HR brilliance for industrial relations management.

Managers and employees know exactly what tasks they need to complete, by when, and where things are at in the process.

Automated labor performance management. Save time and increase quality.

By automating tasks associated with the day-to-day management of employees, as well as your regular performance review process, our Halogen Performance module saves HR, managers and employees time and encourages high performance. And companies find that the quality of the goals, feedback and development employees get actually improves. Everyone knows exactly what they have to do, when, and can complete performance management tasks more quickly and efficiently, because they have the tools and information they need right at their fingertips.

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Employees can easily see the organizational goals they're helping to achieve.

Goal alignment. Align your industrial workforce with ease.

The Halogen Performance module makes it easy for you to link every employee's individual goals with the organizational goals they're designed to support. Simple-to-use dashboards and reports let managers, HR and leaders track everyone's progress in the software. This strengthens your industrial relations by giving employees a context for their work and drives employee accountability and engagement.

The Certification Report shows you which certifications your employees have, when awarded, and whether expired or not.

Compliance reports. ISO and other audits just got easier.

The Halogen TalentSpace™ suite gives HR and managers fingertip access to a whole variety of reports that not only make it easier to manage your workforce, they make it easier to demonstrate compliance with ISO quality systems, OSHA and other compliance standards. You can filter each report to get exactly the data you need, and print or create PDF versions if you want.

Now every employee can have instant access to the current job description.

Job descriptions. Make it easier to create and manage these valuable tools.

Halogen Job Description Builder™ makes it easy for human resources to create, manage and assign job descriptions, so every employee clearly knows what's expected of them. You can automate the process for creating descriptions, gathering input and reviews from those who know the job best. Then you can use your job descriptions to create job requisitions/postings and role-specific performance review forms, automatically. And employees always have access to their up-to-date job description from their Halogen TalentSpace suite home page.

Schedule, manage and track all your learning activities and paths, then easily measure their effectiveness.

Employee development. Strengthen your workforce.

Use Halogen Performance and Halogen Learning™ to help your employees broaden, deepen and acquire new skills. Easily identify learning needs and the development activities that will help. Manage certifications and licenses, and their associated training requirements. Track your employee's progress and training attendance/completion. And measure the impact development has had on on-the-job performance.

Halogen Talent Acquisition makes it faster, easier, and more effective to process and hire candidates.

Recruiting and onboarding. Make your process more efficient and effective.

Halogen Talent Acquisition™ streamlines and simplifies your labor recruitment process, making it faster and easier to hire the right candidates. It can sync up job postings with job descriptions, and automatically prompts people when they have a task to complete, so everything stays on track. Because it integrates seamlessly with the other modules in our TalentSpace suite, none of the information gathered during the hiring process is lost. And you can automatically enroll new hires in all the onboarding training they'll need and set them up for success with 30-, 60-, 90-day reviews.

Talent pool based succession planning lets you groom top performers for career advancement.

Succession planning. Ensure you have a solid talent pipeline.

Halogen Succession™ makes it easy for human resources to implement a truly effective succession planning program in three simple phases. Identify all your high potential employees. Create talent pools for all key areas where you need to ensure succession. Then groom the leaders and key contributors you'll need from within the organization. You'll improve the success of your long-term industrial labor plan by helping to retain your top employees and secure your future.

Feedback Central captures all the feedback employees receive in one place.

Ongoing feedback. Formalize and record a good thing.

Giving employees ongoing, informal feedback and recognition is a good thing. Having an easy way to capture that so you can reference it come review time is even better. The Halogen Performance Feedback Central™ feature makes it easy to give and receive feedback all year round, then include entries in employees' annual reviews. And Halogen 1:1 Exchange™ software guides discussions and captures notes from any one‑on‑one meetings between managers and employees — automatically.

Other brilliant software features

Feedback Anytime, Anywhere:

Increase engagement and connect with your people no matter where they are. Share in-the-moment feedback, recognition, coaching tips and 1:1 agenda items with the Halogen app for iOS and Android. All feedback is shared automatically and synced in Halogen.

Connected platform™

Connect Halogen's performance-led platform to your HRIS and other systems to give you a complete picture of your people. Easily add on additional capabilities so you can stay flexible as your business grows.


Our succession planning tools work with assistive technologies such as screen readers and text-to-voice software. Tab control allows users to navigate the Halogen system without a mouse. These features benefit organizations concerned about compliance with disability guidelines and regulations, such as the United States 1998 amendment of Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Language packs

Whatever your language of choice, Halogen has you covered. We have comprehensive language packs that include a translated user interface, help files, email notifications and spell check.

Distributed workforce management

Organizations can manage the unique talent requirements of their entire workforce in each region or unit — all from one central online location.

Convert emails into feedback entries

With a click of the mouse tag, convert emails received from others into feedback entries in the system. Just as easily, create new peer feedback and recognition entries and have them added directly into your file — or any other personnel’ files for future reference — all without leaving Microsoft Office® Outlook®.