Improve the efficiency of your lean manufacturing process with employee performance management

Today's competitive manufacturing environment demands ever increasing productivity, quality, and efficiency. Your people differentiate your organization and form your greatest competitive asset. So you need a high-performing workforce that is skilled, engaged and accountable.

You also need cost effective ways to demonstrate compliance with regulations and standards that relate to employee performance and development, like OSHA and ISO, and to support initiatives like Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma.

The Halogen TalentSpace™ software suite for Manufacturing helps you implement the talent management best-practices that drive employee performance, development, engagement and retention.

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Simple to use, easy to administer

Managers and employees get one simple, consistent interface to access all their information and complete all their talent management tasks. HR can create all their processes and forms themselves with point and click simplicity – and without needing help from IT or the vendor. And many users – even those with limited computer experience – find they need little to no training. It's that intuitive.

Evaluate your entire manufacturing workforce – from office to shop floor workers

Employees can access the Halogen TalentSpace software suite's full functionality from any computer or tablet, and update their goals, send and receive feedback and access the directory from any smartphone. All they need is Internet access. You can customize your process and forms to meet the specific needs of every employee in the manufacturing process. And employees without dedicated computer access can electronically sign-off their reviews and job descriptions from their managers' computers.

Easily address compliance requirements related to HR

Ensure every employee is competent and qualified to do their work. Clearly communicate job requirements and expectations. Identify and address learning needs, then verify the impact training has had on performance. And regularly review and evaluate employee performance. Your HR staff can do it all with ease and improve employee engagement, productivity and performance.

Cultivate lean competencies

Assess every employee's demonstration of the lean manufacturing competencies critical to their role or to the organization. You can easily identify which learning activities help to develop these, so managers can assign them to employees as part of their development plans when needed. A handy dashboard and reports let you see how you're building strength across the organization.

Address the skills shortage

Address the ongoing manufacturing skills shortage with a range of strategies. Start by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment process. Add a solid employee development program that helps you develop the skills you need in your current workforce. Build your talent pipeline with practical, results-oriented talent pool based succession planning. And retain your specialized and skilled workers by addressing their basic needs for engagement and satisfaction. Halogen TalentSpace helps you do it all.

Manufacturing competencies and forms

A manufacturing sector specific competency library and a lean competency library, complete with comment helper text, and coaching and development tips, as well as a spell checker and sample forms, ensure all the modules in the Halogen TalentSpace suite help you build the high-performing, skilled workforce you want and need.