What some of our customers are saying…

Our number one priority was to improve our learning management processes, and we quickly realized that for this to work, it was critical that we establish a tight link between employee performance, talent management and learning functions. We really did our homework and selected Halogen TalentSpace based on the fact that it would meet all of our current and future talent management needs.

Mimi Ellis, SVP Talent Management

Halogen Learning provides us with actionable intelligence that we just didn't have before — greater insight into skills gaps and a stronger understanding of where training programs are required. It helps us to focus our resources and measure performance results from them in the long run — this is invaluable in the board room.

David Hofstetter, Manager, Learning and Development

The wonderful thing about Halogen's e-learning courses is that you can view them at your own pace in a phased approach so that what you learn can be applied at the time you need it. This alleviates information overload for employees and, as a result, improves employee engagement.

Valerie Tolhurst, Human Resources Manager

We needed to move away from tracking our training manually and be better able to look back and understand what training employees have completed or not. We typically hire more than 100 new employees annually and are developing a new on-boarding training program that will be specific to the needs of each department. By integrating this process with performance management we expect that we will get people performing in their jobs more quickly and more consistently.

Andrea Uxa, HR Specialist

Technology is changing constantly. Training is crucial. Employees need to be able to study and increase their knowledge fast. By using Halogen’s talent management solution, including Halogen Learning, our ability to assess performance and identify learning requirements is helping to keep us at the competitive forefront.

Mr. Ehab Omran, Director of Human Resources