Drive bottom line success by linking your performance and learning management systems. Pure genius.

Halogen’s learning management system on various devise

Say hello to Halogen Learning™, an award-winning, cloud-based integrated learning management system (LMS) that lets you schedule, manage and track all your personal learning activities and paths, then easily measure their effectiveness — and the impact on your bottom line.

With Halogen Learning, you get functionality that reaches beyond a standalone system and works seamlessly with the other modules in the Halogen TalentSpace™ suite. It’s never been so simple to manage all your learning assets, create targeted training programs that close skill gaps, inspire employees, and build the world-class talent your organization needs now and in the future.

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Organizations with strong learning cultures are 46% more likely to be strong innovators.
Source: Bersin by Deloitte
Learning management systems increase employee performance

Your learning team can move to the head of the class

Ever wish that you could get actual data on personal learning needs — across the organization? Now you can. Enjoy easy access to competency and performance scores and targets for individuals, groups, and the entire organization. Make it simple for employees and managers to identify the right integrated learning activities to develop the required competencies. Manage all your learning assets with ease, and get bonus marks for tracking and managing certification learning requirements. Now that deserves an A+.

Employees get what they need to succeed

Managers and employees can discuss and identify development activities any time, not just during annual performance reviews. With the click of a mouse, they can browse your online learning catalogue, select the right activity based on the competency they want to improve, update employee development plans, track progress, and see the impact training is having on performance. Now that's how you build a learning culture.

Results your C-suite will appreciate

Imagine being able to actually measure and demonstrate the impact training has had on employee performance — and to prove the true value of learning investments to the organization? With Halogen Learning, you can. You can also effectively address the performance and skill gaps that could prevent your organization from achieving its strategic goals.

What our customers are saying

“Halogen Learning gives us insight into skills gaps.”

“Halogen Learning provides us with actionable intelligence that we just didn't have before - greater insight into skills gaps and a stronger understanding of where training programs are required. It helps us to focus our resources and measure performance results from them in the long run ? this is invaluable in the board room.”
~ David Hofstetter, Manager, New England Organ Bank

Everyone in the organization wins

HR and Learning Pros

  • Get insight into organizational learning needs and create a learning culture
  • Help employees and managers easily identify the right learning activities to develop the desired competencies
  • Measure and demonstrate the impact training has had on employee performance
  • Track and manage certification learning requirements with ease

Managers and Employees

  • Support employee development and success
  • Discuss and identify development activities as part of the employee performance appraisal review, or at any other time during the year
  • Update development plans, track progress on learning activities, and determine impact on performance

C-Level Executives

  • Ensure investments in LMS software and training address the performance and skill gaps in your organization
  • Support development planning for all levels of leadership.