What some of our customers are saying…

With Halogen Job Description Builder™ we can ensure employees have the right skills to succeed because the associated competencies written into each job description are automatically integrated into our performance and learning management processes. When a job description is created or updated those competencies are immediately reflected in the employee’s appraisal form. It’s seamless; it’s centralized, and we don’t have to think about it.

Wanda Ladd, Director of Human Resources

With Halogen Job Description Builder, we can integrate position descriptions into our performance management process. This functionality makes it easier to tie descriptions to our core competencies, many of which are set by The Joint Commission. As a result, we are creating outcome-based job descriptions that better reflect performance expectations for all of our employees.

Pam Brown, Director of Human Resources

Job descriptions are a fundamental building block of our talent management processes, so it is critical that they are consistent and can be easily updated. Halogen Job Description Builder helps to alleviate the administrative burden of job descriptions and turns them into a strategic tool that enables organizations to ensure goals and competencies are clearly articulated to employees. This offering is proof of Halogen's commitment to meeting actual customer needs and delivering outstanding value.

Andrea Resnick, HR Manager

Having up-to-date job descriptions enables us to make certain that employees are meeting competency and performance expectations, which in our case is critical in supporting Joint Commission requirements. Halogen Job Description Builder will help us both improve the process of creating and managing job descriptions, and ensure employees are aware of job responsibilities by automating review and sign off. We will be able to save valuable time in managing this as part of our talent management processes, and in demonstrating Joint Commission compliance.

Teri Manning, Director of Nursing, Office Operations, and the Recruitment Center