Software to help human resources in the hospitality industry reduce turnover and improve performance

As your brand ambassadors, the quality of your hospitality staff and the services they provide directly impact your bottom line. To succeed, you need to attract, develop and retain competent, enthusiastic and accountable employees, and keep them engaged and motivated.

The cloud-based Halogen TalentSpace™ suite for Hospitality helps your human resources team transform talent management into a strategic activity that improves staff relations, service quality, and employee commitment and retention – all while saving you time and money.

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Effectively evaluate hospitality staff in different positions with automated forms and processes

With staff in a wide variety of roles, all of which require different skills and talents, you know that you need to evaluate each group on the competencies and skills that are vital to their success. Now HR can configure all the automated forms and processes you want and need – with ease. And they can do it all without needing help from the vendor or IT.

Multiple locations are no problem at all

You can treat everyone like one big organization, or manage different locations and divisions differently. One system handles it all. Cater to every individual staff member's specific needs, and do it all seamlessly from one HR admin control center.

Reduce employee turnover

By giving employees the direction, feedback, development, recognition and career opportunities they need, you improve employee engagement and satisfaction — and reduce turnover of your hospitality staff. That's what talent management best practices are all about. And that's what Halogen TalentSpace makes it easy for you to deliver.

Let employees in on the "bigger picture"

In larger hospitality organizations, sometimes it's hard to give all employees the "bigger picture" or larger context, so they understand why they're being asked to do certain things. With organizational goal alignment, human resources can easily link employee goals to high level organizational goals, so everyone — from environmental services to finance — understands how they're contributing to organizational success.

Build a culture that sets you apart from the competition

By allowing you to embed the core competencies that define your culture and competitive differentiators into every one of your talent management process, Halogen TalentSpace helps hospitality management to reinforce your vision and values. Now you can create a strong organizational culture that differentiates you and supports your brand.

Get hospitality competencies, coaching tips, and more

Get up and running quickly with libraries of hospitality industry specific competencies, behavior descriptions, comment helper text, coaching and development tips, spelling and language checkers, as well as appraisal form templates.