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Our talent management investment has increased employee engagement and reduced turnover. Our staff now understands how what they do contributes to the organizational goal, whether their goal is to earn a specific certification or do process improvements. We no longer hear I don’t know why I’m doing this. Now they say I’m doing this because it makes a difference in areas like patient outcomes, improved service delivery and money saved.

Holly Winn, Vice President of Ancillary Services and Human Resources

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We went out to the marketplace; quickly identified Halogen as one of the key leaders in the performance appraisal market. What really impressed us was that they had so quickly committed to the health care market, and had a clearly designated health care product.

Jim Frain, Vice President of Human Resources

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It really has been effective in improving performance and holding leaders accountable. I know I’ve received comments back from my leaders that it took them half the amount of time to prepare all of their evaluations than it did in the past on paper… And then that opened up more time in their schedules to spend in face-to-face meetings with the employee. That’s the supportive, mentoring employee-leader relationship that builds a world class workforce.

Ed Klein, Director of Compensation, Benefits and HRIS

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Jefferson is in business to deliver quality patient care, improve our outcome and we can only do that by measuring our employees' performance and their accountability to the organization. Halogen has helped us as an organization get all of our employees, managers, directors and above engaged. We are now all on the same path.

Teri Manning, Director of Nursing, Office Operations, and the Recruitment Center

Fundamental to employee engagement is facilitating learning and feedback, and understanding the objectives of the organization and how they fit into it. The satisfaction of our employees affects how well they interact with patients, families and internal customers.

Debbie Fischer, VP Organizational Development and Strategic Projects

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After implementing Halogen TalentSpace™ for Healthcare, many of our customers have gone on to win awards that recognize them for employee engagement.

  • Black River Memorial Hospital is ranked 11th on Modern Healthcare's Best Places work in Healthcare
  • Barnabas Health is on Becker's Hospital Review 100 Great Places to Work in Healthcare
  • Mount Sinai Hospital was named one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers.
  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is listed U.S. News & World Report's prestigious Best Hospitals Honor Roll, and for 2013-14 ranked as the 17th Best Hospital in the U.S. (from nearly 5000 hospitals)
  • All 3 hospitals on Canada’s 2013 Top 100 places to work are Halogen Software customers

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