Get better results from banking and broker staff by investing in talent management software

With a sound investment in talent management programs, you can attract and retain the best talent in your sector while dealing with ever-present and ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements. Now that’s something you can bank on.

The cloud-based Halogen TalentSpace suite for Financial Services was designed to help you develop your workforce as a strategic asset.

As a financial services provider, you know how critical stellar customer service is — at every touch point. In fact, whether you’re a bank, credit union, insurance company or lender, poor service simply isn’t an option.

Neither are disengaged employees. Without inspired, enthusiastic, customer-oriented talent on your team, you can pay a high price in terms of dissatisfied clients, missed business opportunities and lost revenue.

Drive better bottom-line results with best practice talent management

Numbers don’t lie. There’s an abundance of research showing that investing in talent management can improve your bottom line.

  • 28% increase in earnings per share for banks and credit unions (Towers Watson)
  • 22% increase in shareholder return (McKinsey & Company, The War for Talent)
  • 30% increase in company value (Watson Wyatt’s Human Capital Index)

Check out our features now!

Engage and retain key talent, so clients are delighted, and loyal

Keep staff engaged and motivated with direction, feedback, development and recognition that support their performance, credentialing and career progression. You'll help drive their performance and ensure they stay focused on winning your clients' business and keeping it.

Align your entire organization so everyone's focused on the right things

Ensure everyone — from bank tellers and insurance brokers, to customer service and HR — is focused on achieving your business objectives. Easily align every employee's goals and development plans — at every branch and in every city — with your business’ goals, mission and vision. And stay on top of everyone's progress with the click of a mouse.

Know your assets, liabilities and exposures when it comes to talent and regulatory change in your sector

Easily identify who within your organization is high performing, who has specialized skills, experience or certification when needed, and where you may have talent gaps. This insight can help you respond to regulatory changes, seize new business opportunities, or build your talent pool.

Save HR time and money, and focus everyone on delivering stellar customer service

Eliminate all the HR paperwork and manual processing associated with your talent management programs. Our secure, cloud-based solution saves you time, costs and administration. Now employees, managers and HR can focus more what they should be doing: delivering stellar service.

Build your own portfolio of customized forms and processes

Flexible form and process design means everything is built to your way of doing business. And because it's so simple to do, your HR team can do it themselves, without needing help from IT or the vendor.

Get talent management that's customized for your sector

A financial services sector-specific competency library, complete with comment helper text, and coaching and development tips, as well as a spell checker and sample forms, ensure all our Halogen TalentSpace™ modules help you build the high-performing workforce you want and need.