Helping schools develop great educators and improve performance management in education

Talent management that aligns to your higher education institution's strategic plan

While faculty and students may hold center stage in society's image of higher education institutions, a whole variety of influential, behind-the-scenes personnel are also essential for the successful running of institutions. And changing strategies for higher education are driving the need for new roles and new skills — for staff and faculty. That means that to effect performance management in schools, your institution needs to effectively manage a wide range of employees, with a vast array of skills and competencies.

Changing the primary education curriculum on talent management

To deliver top quality education to your students, you need high quality teachers and staff. That means regularly evaluating everyone's performance, identifying knowledge/skill gaps, and continually developing staff so you can keep up with changing curricula, advances in educational methods and technology, and ever increasing requirements — often shrinking budgets.

The Halogen TalentSpace™ suite for Education gives you HR tools well beyond the typical school or college management software, enabling you to effectively and efficiently manage all your staff, so you can get an A+ for delivering top‑notch education.

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Give education staff the comprehensive, ongoing feedback they need to excel

It's true for all learners — ongoing feedback helps improve performance. So give all your staff the ongoing feedback they need, whether it's day to day recognition, praise and coaching, or more formalized 360-degree feedback. Halogen TalentSpace for Education has features that let you easily gather, aggregate and analyze feedback from both internal and external sources.

Support staff with coaching and development

Ongoing development is the only way to stay "ahead of the class". Halogen TalentSpace helps you identify and address gaps in performance, knowledge or skills, effectively manage your employee development offering, and even measure the impact training has had on performance.

Easily address the needs of all groups in your diverse workforce

Managing the performance and development of your education workforce, with its wide range of roles, skills and functions can be easy. Halogen TalentSpace lets you create and manage as many different processes and forms as you need to accommodate every employee group's specific needs. It's truly flexible and simple to use.

Track and manage certifications

When certifications and credentials are important, Halogen TalentSpace gives you the tools you need to keep track of both the certifications and their associated learning requirements. And you can easily search your employees' talent profiles to see who has specific skills, experience or credentials whenever you need to.

Connect the data points

Halogen TalentSpace also makes it easy for you to import and leverage data from external sources. You can do things like store certificates and transcripts, map staff performance ratings to student grades, test scores or other related data points, link to institution or district goals and targets, and more.

Get talent management that is customized for education

Halogen TalentSpace for Education includes libraries of forms, competencies, and behavior descriptions specific to the education market for both K–12/primary schools and higher education. It also includes comment helper text, and coaching and development tips that help HR, principals or supervisors write more accurate, helpful reviews for employees.