What our customers are saying…

As a customer of both Halogen and DDI, we see this combination of DDI’s research-backed content with Halogen’s talent management suite as a powerful foundation to fast-track our talent strategy and accelerate meeting our business objectives by improving frontline leadership and employee performance.

Sandra Karpis, Vice President of Human Resources, CI Investments

We’re using DDI’s competencies and Learning Library in Halogen to ensure performance management in our organization is focused less on past performance and more on what’s ahead.

DDI’s competencies offer descriptive lists of behaviors that clearly define the behavior expectations for a given competency. As a result, performance conversations can become more about the behaviors an employee does or doesn’t exhibit rather than just on the rating itself. These conversations can then naturally segue into what might be next in terms of career development or advancement.

The DDI Learning Library is available directly within the Halogen TalentSpace suite, meaning our managers can assign the necessary development paths with access to a variety of tools and resources that support both the employee and the manager in the process.

Jamie O’Brien, Manager, Organizational Development, YRC Freight

Integrating DDI’s competency framework into Halogen TalentSpace™ is brilliant. It has saved us an incredible amount of work. With one single software platform, we are able to align our competency framework to ensure consistency in our performance assessments, workforce planning and people development programs. It simplifies the process for both HR and our managers, as they can use DDI's content to make recommendations for learning activities as part of their employees' learning plans. Plus, DDI’s reputation speaks for itself — it’s like we’ve just pulled the red Ferrari into the garage.

Kim Ziprik, Manager of Organizational Development, NASCO, LLC

What industry experts are saying…

From subscription licensing to implementation and services, Halogen and DDI are making this combination of industry-leading content and technology accessible and affordable for many organizations across their entire employee base. The mid-market is the fastest growing segment for talent management technology adoption, and this partnership offers a powerful way for these organizations to help their people grow and develop, and get to business results faster.

Lisa Rowan, VP HCM Research, IDC