A simpler way to gather 360-degree feedback for employee reviews, multirater and talent assessments.

Halogen’s 360-degree feedback software on multiple devices

Get ready to solicit valuable, more holistic performance feedback on employees and your leadership team from peers, direct reports, customers and partners. It’s easy with Halogen 360 Multirater™.

Do you have remote or shift workers in your organization? Halogen 360 Multirater is ideal for collecting broader feedback for employees who have a less direct working relationship with their manager. The system also helps managers evaluate performance more objectively and set goals and development plans for their employees.

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Online 360 degree reviews are one of the most exciting advances in HR capability in decades.
Source: Eric J. Sydell, Ph.D., Shaker Consulting Group
360-dgree feedback software delivers meaningful feedback

Enhanced employee performance reviews

When you gather 360-degree feedback from multiple sources, something remarkable happens. Employees view the feedback and evaluations they receive as a more fair and representative reflection of their performance, which usually means that they’re more onboard with changing their behaviors and improving their performance. Great for your employees. Great for your organization.

Managers become winning coaches

With aggregated data and reporting within the software, managers are more empowered to coach employees effectively on results. And employees feel that actions for review and follow-up are being completed based on a fair assessment.

Fewer HR headaches

HR pros can conduct comprehensive online 360-degree feedback assessments and aggregate the results painlessly. All without the time and headaches involved with paper. We're talking serious time-savings.

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a system for collecting feedback from an employee’s work circle. This typically includes confidential and anonymous feedback from an employee’s manager or supervisor, peers and direct reports. The process can also be extended to gather feedback from suppliers, mentors and customers.

What our customers are saying

“Now employees take the feedback as a challenge.”

“360 multirater feedback has resulted in employees re-evaluating how they interact with their peers. By adjusting their behavior, they can improve their teamwork and their careers. Now employees take the feedback as a challenge. Since feedback is from more than just their manager, employees are more accepting of the comments. It also helps us develop more well-rounded employees.”
~ Renee Boyce, HR Manager, J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.

Everyone in the organization wins

HR Pros

  • Can conduct comprehensive online 360-degree assessments and aggregate the results painlessly. All without the time and headaches that paper brings.

Managers and Employees

  • Get broader, richer feedback to support employee development and high performance.

C-Level Executives

  • Can improve performance, build high-functioning teams, develop future leaders, and build a culture of trust across the organization.