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Your people, your talent – they keep your organization thriving with their contributions. Attracting skilled candidates is getting more difficult; in fact, this was identified in the report as the single biggest obstacle to hiring in a recent report released by Jobvite.

In its annual Recruiter Nation Report 2016, which includes data from more than 1,600 recruiting and HR professionals, both opportunities and challenges are surfaced.

Some key insights that you will find in this report include:

  • More than 50% of job seekers are using Facebook to search for jobs, so companies need to look beyond LinkedIn when promoting on social media.
  • The highest quality candidates come from internal hires and employee referrals, which makes internal mobility programs and employee referral programs a must.
  • Job seekers are using mobile, but  more than half of recruiters said they don’t have mobile-optimized career websites.

With such a highly competitive job market, companies need to look for ways to set themselves apart from the competition. Download the Jobvite report to get insights on how you can reach the right people today.

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