HR Daily Advisor Research Report: High-Potential Employees and Succession Planning

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Several times a year, the HR Daily Advisor Research Team conducts detailed research into pressing, contemporary HR challenges to highlight best practices and common policies and procedures. The team accesses its exclusive da­tabase of more than 250,000 active HR practitioners to find out how HR managers are handling challenges in the real world.

In September 2015, the HR Daily Advisor Research Team conducted the HiPos and Succession Planning Survey. Sponsored by Halogen Software, the survey delved into topics such as: What are real-world organizations doing with HiPos? How do they identify them? How do they retain them? Why do they leave?

Get the answers in the HiPos and Succession Planning report

Data and highlights from the survey are captured in the October 2015 report, HiPos and Succession Planning: Securing Your Company’s Future. Here are just a few of the compelling stats from report:

  • While 92.3% feel that identifying HiPos is important, only 44% of respondents say their company actively attempts to identify HiPos.
  • More than half of respondents (57.4%) said that they tell their HiPos that they consider them to be HiPos. 42.6% do not.
  • The slight majority of participants (56%) feel that their organization is less than adequately equipped to retain and engage HiPos.
  • When asked why their HiPos quit, 38.9% of survey takers said it is because of “limited opportunity for upward mobility or new responsibilities” and 19.6% said “management style.”

See all the results by downloading the full report now.

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