How to support employee advancement through career management

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High employee satisfaction and engagement are linked to higher performance, productivity, retention, and to better business results. However, for employees to be engaged, they need to feel they have a future with their organization and that they have the opportunity to progress in their careers, and further expand their knowledge, skills and experience. In this context, effective career management plays an important role for employees and employers.

This eBook explores career management best practices that every organization should have in place to support career progression, drive higher employee engagement and realize better business results. Looking for an employee management solution, read more about Halogen Software here.

Tools for Improving Career Management Inside:

  • Four Best Practices that Support Employee Progression
  • How to Foster Career Planning Discussions with Management
  • How to Put Together a Career Plan
  • Why Multi-Directional Career Progression is Critical
  • Career Management in Practice: A Success Story

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