How to excel at goal management

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What do we know about effective goal management? For starters, it’s one of the key components of high-impact performance management in organizations. And, if you’re not entirely convinced of it, there’s abundant research out there that links goal management best-practices with better organizational results. This eBook explores the goal management best-practices that research says every organization should follow for success, the application of these best practices in a cloud-based talent management suite, and case examples of organizations who are achieving great results.

How does Halogen Software integrated these goal management best practices into the Talent Space platform? Read more here.

Key Goal Management Insights Contained Inside this eBook:

  • Four Detailed Goal Management Best Practices Every Organization Should Follow
  • How to Ensure the Success of your Goal Management Strategy
  • Three Real-World Case Studies of Successful Goal Management

Increasingly as employee’s become more self-empowered, self-motivated, and self-directed, it is essential that organizations effectively manage goals to ensure end results are achieved. Click below to download this valuable eBook now.

Success with Talent Management made easy. Experience it for yourself.

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