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From his book Strategy and the Fat Smoker, David Maister discusses how employee feedback systems, from multi rater evaluations to face to face feedback, help "managers go first" in becoming accountable for their performance, development and success. The rewards for implementing these systems are significant because as managers improve, so does the firm as a whole.

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David Maister is the author of Managing the Professional Service Firm (1993), True Professionalism (1997), The Trusted Advisor (2000) (coauthor), Practice What You Preach (2001) First Among Equals (2002) (coauthor) and Strategy and the Fat Smoker (2008.).

Prior to launching his (solo but global) consulting practice in 1985, he served as a professor at the Harvard Business School.

Helpful Management Feedback Tools Inside:

  • The Four Steps to Make Yourself Accountable
  • Clarify Your Role as a Manager
  • What is a Balanced Scorecard and Why it’s Important
  • How to Get Accurate Feedback as a Manager

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