10 benefits of a true learning culture

10 benefits of a true learning culture

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Investing in learning and development strategies is a great way to expand your employees’ skills and improve your business outcomes. But don’t take our word for it: a study by Accenture found that for every dollar invested in training, companies received $4.53 in return.

What is critical for a successful learning and development strategy is that organizations build a strong learning culture around the strategy, rather than just investing blindly in the latest technology. It’s also not a one-time investment. To get the most out of your learning strategy, it has to be a process where employees continuously learn and add to their skillset.

This eBook, produced by Halogen learning partner ej4, examines the 10 benefits of building a learning culture, which include improving employee morale and motivation, instilling a growth mindset in your employees and increasing productivity.

You’ll also learn more about the five basic steps to forming a learning culture:

  • Make learning part of the bigger picture
  • Get management buy-in
  • Start with the training you have
  • Supplement with new resources
  • Make learning an organizational habit

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