Using your workplace culture to boost employee engagement

Using your workplace culture to boost employee engagement

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If lack of motivation, low performance and declining employee loyalty are issues in your organisation, you might want to consider taking a closer look at your workplace culture.

Successful companies have proven that a healthy workplace culture that engages and supports employees will see greater retention rates and performance.

For most companies, culture is likely to evolve over time -- built upon a particular set of values, beliefs and expectations that grow from the organisation's unique way of doing business. According to international speaker and author Steve Simpson, it's harnessing these unwritten ground rules (UGRs) about 'the way business is done around here' that hold the key to being THE company everyone wants to work for.

What you'll learn:

  • The impact of workplace culture on performance (prepare to be surprised!)
  • How to identify UGRs and harness their power
  • The internationally acclaimed 5-step approach to leveraging existing UGRs to improve workplace culture
  • How different organizations have harnessed prevailing internal UGRs

Joining Steve will be Alecia O'Brien, Human Capital Strategist and Segment Marketing Manager, Halogen Software, who will demonstrate how Australian organisations can boost their workplace productivity and employee retention by incorporating the key attributes of a company's culture into all stages of the performance and talent management process.

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