Using compensation and rewards to drive high performance

Using compensation and rewards to drive high performance

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This presentation explores the implications of Lean systems for all aspects of total employee rewards, including base pay, careers, incentives, and recognition.

Lean represents a profound, systematic approach to improving performance by eliminating waste in all its forms, using a battery of strategies and tools for managing operations, new product development, the supply chain, and customers. Despite the focus of Lean on some employee issues, such as training and job design, Lean proponents mostly ignore rewards. Yet, rewards have strong effects, positive or negative, on employee motivation and behavior.

Listen to Gerry Ledford, President of Ledford Consulting Network, on this complimentary webcast as he addresses the following questions:

  • What types of incentives (skill-based pay, recognition, team bonuses, gain-sharing, profit sharing, etc.) best support reinforce Lean behaviors and initiatives?
  • How important are rewards to the success of Lean?
  • How Lean thinking leads to reward systems that are simple, understandable, and relatively cost-effective - that is, lean - something not characteristic of reward systems in most organizations.