Using a learning (talent) management system to meet ISO 9001 requirements

Using a learning (talent) management system to meet ISO 9001 requirements

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When Quality Managers are implementing ISO 9001, they are faced with the task of implementing the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Clause 6.2.2 that relate to Competence, Training, and Awareness. This requires a partnership with the Human Resources Department since it is frequently the organization's learning (talent) management system that is used to demonstrate compliance to the requirements. For that reason, it is critical that Quality Managers understand the ISO 9001 requirements in a manner to leverage the organization's tools or to provide input on selecting any software tools.

This webinar reviews the ISO requirements in common sense terms that can be applied to any business regardless of its size or the product it provides. It provides information to the quality manager on how to work with Human Resources to implement the requirements of the standard while adding value to the organization.

  • Who does this clause apply to?
  • Methods that can be used to identify competency
  • How to achieve competence
  • Employee awareness to their role in meeting company objectives
  • Examples of documenting records of competence