The five faces managers see during performance reviews

The five faces managers see during performance reviews

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Regardless of your preference related to performance reviews, one thing is clear - the coaching skills of your managers are key when maximizing organizational performance. That's why you've made the investments you have in systems, training and the ability to measure performance at your company. Right?

But you're missing one key thing. The best laid plans you have related to managing performance get blown up when the person sitting across from your manager has a worldview that has nothing to do with your reality.

How do you handle this potential train wreck? You've got to teach your managers to first understand the persona they're dealing with, then teach them how to engage - in ways the employee can understand. Unfortunately, most managers have no clue how to prepare for this.

Good news - we're here to help. This webcast is designed to help your HR team and managers bridge the perception gap related to how you think the employee is doing, and how the employee actually perceives their own performance. Think about that. Mind-bending, isn't it?

The crew at Fistful of Talent, lead by Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett, will break it all down for us, including the following takeaways:

  • A comprehensive breakdown of the five most common faces managers will see in Performance Reviews - including the Star, the Diva, the Deflector, the 9 to 5 and the Upwardly Mobile.
  • How to identify each of the faces across individuals in your organization and team.
  • The unspoken realities you have to address as an organization to make sure each face is engaged from a performance perspective.
  • A rundown of survival strategies to engage each of the five faces and get what you need - both out of a performance conversation and through higher performance moving forward.

Don't miss this street smart session designed to help your managers cut through the smoke and get to what's real related to performance management.