Surviving Performance Review Season

Surviving Performance Review Season

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Around this time of year you’ll hear groans from across the organization about one of the most dreaded corporate processes that HR manages — performance reviews.

  • The HR team spends too much time managing an administrative nightmare, with little visibility into how it’s tracking, and limited ability to do anything useful with performance information once it is collected.
  • Managers complain about how much time it takes, and struggle with delivering objective feedback, smart goal setting and development plans.
  • Employees feel judged and like they have no say in a totally subjective process. And they don’t feel the information is actionable.

Sound familiar?

Well, take heart and join us for a webinar that gives you a deep dive into some tools you can use right away to improve the process at your organization for everyone involved.

Key takeaways:

  • We’ll walk you through some best-practice checklists to prepare HR, managers and employees for the review cycle.
  • Get some great ideas on rating clarity, goal setting and tools to help with feedback and development.
  • You’ll come away with some practical resources that will make this performance review season a little less painful, and you’ll learn a thing or two about how technology can help along the way.