Build Deep Bench Strength...Without Breaking a Sweat

Build Deep Bench Strength...Without Breaking a Sweat

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The scarcity of critical skills and weakness of leadership pipelines are serious issues for business leaders today. Generational shifts in the workplace are creating a vacuum, with boomers exiting the workforce at rapid rates. Without appropriate succession plans, the loss of knowledge and expertise by boomers poses a serious risk to business continuity. At the same time, Millennials, who now make up more than half the workforce, have drastically different expectations of their employers, including accelerated responsibility, clear paths to leadership and flexibility in work arrangements. These factors make it critically important to identify and develop top performers and high-potentials for career progression within your organization, as part of a strategic succession planning process.

In spite of its growing business importance, many organizations are failing to establish the critical foundations around identification, assessment, development and management of their succession planning needs. Effective succession planning has been proven to result in deeper bench strength, higher employee engagement and lower turnover, helping organizations to maintain business continuity and gain a competitive edge.

In this succession planning webinar, you’ll learn how Halogen can help you:

  • Establish a strong foundation for your succession program
  • Assess employee potential and identify of those at risk of leaving
  • Retain, engage, and develop your high potential employees
  • Improve your existing leadership capability
  • Fill mission critical roles quickly and effectively
  • Assess the health of your succession program

About Anita Bowness:
Anita joined Halogen in 2014 with nearly 20 years’ experience in Consulting and Professional Services, the majority of which has been spent enabling client organizations leverage the talent of their workforce to achieve desired strategic results. As a Solutions Consultant with Halogen, Anita draws upon her prior HR experience ’s HR and consulting experience in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, learning and development, succession planning, organizational development, competency mapping and change management. Her consulting experience has spanned many sectors, including IT, government, defense, retail, telecommunications, health care, education, logistics and professional services. Anita holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Major in HRM from the University of Ottawa, and Master of Arts degree in HRM from the University of Leeds.

About Tali Alexander:
Tali joined Halogen in 2015 as a product and solutions marketing manager. Tali has more than 14 years of strategic marketing and communications experience in various industries including technology, telecommunications, and exporting. She has a Master of Arts degree in international and intercultural communication, as well as a Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in marketing and international management.