Simple ways to drive up employee engagement and retention

Simple ways to drive up employee engagement and retention

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Research shows that patient satisfaction and patient safety are both heavily influenced by employee satisfaction. Research also shows that adoption of talent management best practices can improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Performance management is the cornerstone of any talent management strategy, but conducting employee evaluations is more than just documenting and delivering feedback and coaching. This session will share simple ways to use your employee performance management process to drive up employee engagement and retention, and make it a valuable tool to drive increased employee satisfaction.

Learn practical and simple tips to:

  • Use your employee evaluation process to increase employee performance and engagement
  • Define and align goals to help employees see how their work matters to the organization
  • Create opportunities for employee growth and development

About the presenter

As a founding partner of Halogen Software, Yvon Martel has played an instrumental role in growing the company from a five-person consulting organization known as Manta Corporation into a leading provider of employee performance and talent management solutions. A dynamic speaker, Yvon has shared insights into key talent management challenges and solutions for healthcare organizations at a number of healthcare industry forums across North America, including national and regional ASHHRA events as well as several regional healthcare association events.