Sculling to success: Aligning goals for business results

Sculling to success: Aligning goals for business results

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When properly managed, goals are strategic tools to gain the maximum output from the collective contributions of all individuals in an organization. Goals direct use of time, attention, effort, and resources. They help to ensure that everybody in the boat is rowing in the same direction. When individuals understand how their efforts connect to others' and the goals of the organization, they feel more valued and appreciated. They are more likely to be engaged in their work and perceive it to be more meaningful. Aligned goals synchronize the strokes each individual makes to race across the finish line. Is your company's crew ready to compete?

Don't miss these webcast take always:

  • Determine if your goals are organization-centric with a clear line-of-sight between the work produced by individuals and the aims of the company
  • Track goal linkages and aggregate results into a reportable form for each successive level
  • Case study on using automated performance management to implement organizational goal alignment presented by MetroPCS


Tim Wright, President, Wright Results, Inc.

Rod Schlottman, Mgr., Human Resources, Metro PCS