Preparing Development Plans Worth Looking at Again

Preparing Development Plans Worth Looking at Again

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Quick! What’s on your development plan? No peeking. And, if you can’t recall, you’re not alone. We’ve all, at some point in our work lives, carefully crafted a robust development plan designed to take our career to the next level only to find that, well, real work got in the way of executing that carefully crafted plan.


In this informative and insightful session, Dave Fisher from Development Dimensions International (DDI) will share best practices, tools, and sample case studies to help create effective and meaningful development plans. Dave will share his passion on how development planning should be a shared responsibility between the learner and his or her manager. When the learner and their manager are on the same page about high-payoff development priorities, they can work together to establish a clear and specific plan that supports the organisation’s current and future needs.


This webinar will help you:

·         Ensure the learner and their manager together focus on high-payoff development opportunities

·         Create clear, specific, and meaningful development goals

·         Hold individuals accountable for achieving their development goals

·         Ensure development occurs through skill acquisition, application, and formal measurement

·         Understand how talent management technology can give you the tools you need to assess, develop and measure performance that delivers business results.


About Dave Fisher:


Dave Fisher is a manager in DDI’s leadership solutions group. For more than 35 years, Dave has helped organisations identify, develop, and manage organisational talent. He works with clients to leverage intellectual capital, maximise leadership and workforce productivity, engage associates, and enhance customer loyalty. Dave also serves as product manager for many of DDI’s learning and performance enhancement solutions. Learn more at



About Catherine Cormier:

Catherine brings over 15 years of experience in developing and managing Learning products to the role of Product Manager at Halogen Software. She is responsible for the strategic direction of the Halogen’s Learning and Development solutions and has been working with DDI to create a product offering that blends best-in-class development and learning content with Halogen’s industry-leading software.