Multirater feedback and assessment systems: the key to a more engaged culture

Multirater feedback and assessment systems: the key to a more engaged culture

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Although employee engagement is recognized as being essential to retaining talent, many organizations continue to struggle with implementing strategies that will drive engagement.

Often, leaders in organizations will make broad assumptions based on exit interviews or conversations with a few individuals during annual performance reviews. These snippets of information from a few disgruntled employees are often off base for the majority of emerging talent and fall short of the real issues that need to be addressed. So, how do organizational leaders find the real issues that will make a profound difference for their teams?

The use of multirater assessment systems is a great first step in achieving true employee engagement. In this webinar, Sandra Wiley, Boomer Consulting Inc., will facilitate a conversation regarding this powerful system and how it can be a positive first step in changing your organization's overall culture. Jessica Utley from Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain will be joining Sandra to share her firm's real-life experiences using multirater assessment and feedback.

What you'll learn about

  • Company culture - building and shaping culture to ensure employee engagement
  • Multirater feedback - the strengths and challenges that should be considered
  • Team approach - the system itself is not enough, communication and teamwork are essential components
  • Real-life stories - the theory is good, but real-life examples are far more powerful

Expect to leave this hour of power with a list of discussion items to begin the conversation in your organization. The time and effort will be worth it as there is not another process that will improve the culture of communication and performance more than developing, launching and using a multirater feedback system.