Leading Change from the Ground Up

Leading Change from the Ground Up

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Have you been tasked with rolling out a new HR initiative? Or transforming an antiquated one? The seeds of change are everywhere, but the hard part is getting the seeds to take hold long-term.

Change is so often a part of our work as human resources and talent management practitioners. But the complexities of why people resist change and how to support them through it are so often equally underestimated.

Establish fertile ground for your next project. Learning about change leadership will help you:

  • Lead an implementation more effectively, even when you were not necessarily at the table during the design of the change
  • Get a seat at the table when the next organizational change is being designed
  • Recognize where your team or organization struggles most, so you can identify the most productive way to support them
  • Save time and money, and deliver better project outcomes

In this webinar, Margo will share:

  • A system you can use to guide change from the ground up
  • What factors you can control during change – and what you can’t
  • How a change project can be an ideal development opportunity
  • What to do when a change gets “stuck”

About Margo Purcell

Margo Purcell

Margo founded Open To Possibilities in 2004 as a vehicle for her creative and pioneering methods to helping individuals and organizations realize their potential. With her strong focus on leadership and organizational development, she is an in-demand resource for learning workshops, speaking engagements, group facilitation, and one-on-one coaching for clients in a broad range of industries in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. Margo lives in Calgary, Canada with her husband and two sons.

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